You Won’t Think It’s Funny When He Bites You In the Ass

The title is a direct quote from my mother from our walk late yesterday afternoon. My dog,  Mac, likes to be the front person on walks and goes out of his way to get there if one of his people happens to be in front of him. I was playing this game when my mom semi-shouted the phrase as we walked past a playground. Only one mother turned and glared. We both laughed hard. 

The other book I want to review this week is The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. It was such a great thriller and a fun way to spend a Sunday. I sat down with it on the couch intending to read only for a few minutes, but ended up finishing it. Other things did get done throughout the day, but I kept wanting to get back to it. I thought I had it figured out a few times, but she kept me guessing up until the very end. The ending was actually satisfying, which if you read my blog regularly, you know is a huge compliment from me. The characters were realistic and intriguing, somewhat likeable and relatable, but I did care what ended up happening to them. It really is the perfect spring/summer read and I understand why it has been the talk of the bookstore/library. 

Exercise round up of the past two days,  I ran/walked on Wednesday morning for five miles and finished my day with another two mile walk after work. I was back in the gym on Friday for a body strength workout and a swim that included some sprints. Of course, as you know from above, I also walked Thursday afternoon.

Breakfasts of the past two days include a breakfast sandwich made with egg, ham, and pepperjack on an English muffin one day.

Peanut buttery oatmeal the other. I actually ran out of my chocolate peanut butters and was very sad about for two days until I was able to stock up. Phew.

Lunches were the same the past two days. Stir fried veggies, tilapia, rice with a dash of hot sauce. 


Dinners were also excellent. I had deconstructed tacos on Wednesday, which pretty much means I had taco meat with cheese, tostito chips, and a salad.


And quite possibly the best food ever, my mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese. Oh, with green beans and chicken too.

Happy Friday everyone!


It’s Only Tuesday When I Typed This

Does anyone else feel as though it should be later in the week? The promise of a long weekend is too enticing.

Let’s talk a bit about Lena Dunham’s book, which I finished last week. I went into it with low expectations. I’ve never seen Girls and the thought of her always kind of annoyed me in that Anne Hathaway vibe that I never could quite narrow down as to why. Many people told me I would like the show and all accounts would suggest I would, but I was predetermined not to like her or her show. As it goes, I decided to read her book anyways to decide once and for all. It had been on hold for awhile, like a few other books I was waiting for, and I wasn’t exactly jazzed that this was the first one available.

Spoiler alert: I liked the book. A lot.

I can see why many people might not take to Lena Dunham. She’s a little abrasive, honest, and not the typical standard of beauty plastered all over the media. It is called Not That Kind of Girl. She’s smart and she’s particular and she doesn’t apologize for that. She has issues like everyone else, but says them out loud while many people try to hide them. Her stories are fascinating, as is her personality which shines off the page, not just from her experiences but in the way in which she writes. I was sad when I finished the book. As a young woman and a writer, I think it’s important to read a ton of memoirs. As any gender of any profession, it’s valuable to read experiences to understand perspective and the inner and outer workings of human experience. 

I also like the fact that Lena wasn’t trying to make herself or her story into something overtly meaningful. She shared and she reflected, but there wasn’t any kind of HEY THIS IS A LIFE LESSON that applies to you. Not everything falls into seamless categories and she had a great way of showing that. Was it self-serving in some ways? Yes because it’s a memoir and all memoir is self-serving. It’s supposed to be, that’s what makes it the genre.

Worst case, I will always side against Bill O’Reilly.

This morning, I was up and at em for a workout. I started with a body strength routine that took me through the usual favorites, step ups, squats, lunges, kickbacks, tricep dips, push ups, mountain climbers, mermaid raises, Russian twists, hip lifts, bicycle crunches, and reverse crunches. My back was still feeling tight after, so I used the foam roller and it seemed to do the trick. Yay! Sometimes, all you need is a little therapeutic pressure. After, it was time for the pool, which felt glorious, especially because I had the lane to myself for most of the time. I did my mile plus a lap for good luck.

Breakfast was easy as it was waiting for me when I got home. Overnight oats with banana, raisins, dates, and walnuts is simple and delicious. When I got to work, I also had a cheesestick for a hit of protein and some berries for sweetness.

Lunch filled me up more than I expected. I had leftover rice with teriyaki chicken, carrots, peppers, and Brussels sprouts with a little hot sauce. It was tasty! Fresh strawberries and the sweetest pineapple finished things off. 

   Dinner was also another delicious meal. Chicken cacciatore is a family favorite. It’s stocked with veggies, chicken, and whole grain pasta. 

The weather brought a weird one today. Rain, warmth, sun, humidity, rain. 

Hey, at least it’s not snow.

It’s Been Awhile, But I’ve Still Got It

Well, it’s been awhile. I’ve been a little busy working on a few writing projects that I can’t talk about at the moment. Very exciting stuff though. Let’s see where we left off..

Last Saturday was my sister’s Bachelorette Party. We went to a dueling piano bar called Howl at the Moon and danced and sang and drank. It was fun to see my sister enjoying herself. Surprising us all, she is the one who dances the hardest, for the longest. The little librarian can bring it!

photo 2

This is our group all together. I think we all enjoyed celebrating Lauren. Not too long until the wedding now!

photo 1

The next day was Mother’s Day and super hot, but we celebrated by taking my mom up to her favorite lobster shack so she could chow down on her favorite food…lobster. It was crowded and hot in there, but it was nice to celebrate with my favorite people.

Nothing major to note from the week except I was struggling with feeling tired. I think it’s due in large part to my allergies. A strange thing occurred on Friday when I twinged my back. I’m not sure what move did it exactly, but I was moving through my dumbbell strength routine and all of a sudden my back felt strained. It didn’t actually hurt badly until I was at work, so I spent a lot of the day standing (which is a good thing). It hurt even more on Saturday morning after laying on it all night. I must have been tired because I fell asleep at 10:00 PM and didn’t wake up until 10:00 AM the next day. With some motrin in me, I made my favorite peanut butter pancakes.

For lunch, my brother and I went out for pizza with my Grandma. The pizza was delicious, but more importantly, it was really nice to spend time with my Grandma. She also asked why I haven’t been blogging, so no more excuses.

I was thinking of taking the day off for exercise, but I decided to head out for a walk and ended up running. The odd thing is, my back felt a lot better from having run. It must have stretched out my back, which is weird to me because it hurt to stretch or do Yoga. I won’t question it.

After, I babysat and got a lot of writing done, which made my soul happy.

On Sunday, I slept in again and it was glorious. I grilled up some French toast for myself and used THE LAST OF MY CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTERS. I’m not saying this is an emergency, but I need to stock up ASAP. After breakfast, I curled up with The Girl on the Train that I got from the library. Somehow, I’m not sure how, I ended up finishing the entire thing by the end of the day. I did dedicate a ton of the day to reading, but I also happened to get a few other things done. It was SO good. I will recap this, and Lena Dunham’s book, which I also read last week coming up. Other Sunday fun day things included a rest day, grocery shopping, laundry, meal prepping, and lounging out in the sun.

Monday brought me back to reality with an early morning workout. I went through a lighter strength workout because even though I’m feeling better, I don’t want to test it so soon. I headed home after to run two miles outside, mostly up hill. It was killer, in a great way.

Breakfast was a delectable breakfast sandwich with an egg, slice of pepper jack, and bacon on an English muffin. I had a bowl of raspberries and strawberries on the side.

photo 1

Lunch was a spectacular salad stocked with an array of bright veggies and chicken. The breakfast sandwich held me over for a long time, but I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch when it came time for it. I had a yogurt with blueberries a few hours later.

photo 2

Now that we are so close to the wedding and summer, it’s time to focus on my healthy eating. These meals are helping. After a brisk two mile walk, I sat down with a piece of grilled swordfish, brown spinach rice, and broccoli. Hot sauce brings out the spice and the taste that much more.

photo 3

What have you been up to?

Springtime is A Happy Time

I’m just sitting here typing away outside in my backyard because it is freaking spectacular out. Seriously, I’m just obsessed with this weather. No one can be mad at this weather.

It helped that I got my day started off the right way. I mean, how can you not be utterly overjoyed when this face greets you? This is part of my Harry Potter tear away calendar and I just find it so funny that it’s literally just a picture of Filch. Speaking of, it’s almost that time again!! My annual Harry Potter reread is one of my favorite parts of the summer.

Before then, I have a few books I need to finish!

To really fey my day going, I took it to the mat to do a Yoga flow. Listen, my body is not ready so early to do Yoga. I am so stiff. I’m thinking I need to mix things up a bit and run first in order to loosen everything up. I thought it would be the opposite, but man, it was tricky. I did get my run in after. 3.1 miles of running and I finished up the fourth mile with a walk. To end, I did a few sprints that really got the heart racing.

It was so nice out that not even almost getting hit by a car prevented me from enjoying my run. Seriously, a car hugged the curb too tight, never came to a stop at a stop sign and almost took me out. She didn’t even look at me, either because she didn’t notice, which is a huge problem in itself, or because she was ignoring my screaming at her. The big issue is that a child had just been walking his dog in that same spot a moment before me and he might not have thought to stop like I did.

Be careful driving, friends! Especially now that it’s so nice out again.

I got home a little later than usual, so I had time only for a bowl of cereal before heading into work. A little chopped banana made things a little sweeter. Once I got to work, I had a cup of Greek Yogurt I found at Trader Joes- peanut butter and jelly! It was interesting. Not bad, but also not my favorite. I do like putting my own peanut butter into plain Greek yogurt and I suspect that has way less sugar.

Lunch was a grilled cheese sandwich with a side of veggie sticks and some popcorn. It was just one of those days.

Dinner is in the process of being grilled as I speak. Grilled chicken, a great big Greek salad, some green beans, and a baked potato.

In other breaking news of the day, I ate some moldy gum. I didn’t know gum could mold. But it does.

Quick Check In

I don’t know how we’ve made it to Wednesday already. The days are flying by far too fast, especially the weekends. I’m glad for that because it brought the warm weather fairly quickly, but if things want to slow down during the summer, I’d be okay with that.

This morning started with a body strength workout. I did four sets of ten reps of a circuit: squats, lunges, kickbacks, calf raises, tricep dips, step ups, push ups, mountain climbers, mermaid raises, Russian twists, hip lifts, v ups, bicycle crunches, and reverse crunches. I did a few planks before diving into the pool. I was definitely sore when I first got started, but once I warmed up, I took off and got in my mile.

Breakfast was an overnight oatmeal chilling in the fridge. I mixed things up a bit and did my standard base with chopped strawberries band walnuts, it was quite refreshing. For an added bite of protein, I had a cheesestick.

Lunch delved into a little Cinco de Mayo celebration. I had a chicken quesadilla that we as tasty but very filling! My stomach was mad at me for the rest of the afternoon and I didn’t eat dinner until much later. Dinner was a stir fry using the leftover swordfish. Swordfish does not translate well into leftovers. At least not like this. I wasn’t too into this meal, but it was small anyways. Just the fish with a medley of veggies. I did eat most of the vegetables to fit in my servings.

Now im off to fit in some writing before falling into bed early!

Happy Wednesday!

May the Fourth Be With You

Time to do a little recap of the weekend. Friday night, my friend Stephanie came to town for a little roomie reunion. First stop was pizza and salad for dinner. The pizza was hot and I was hungry, so I ended up burning the roof of my mouth that is still tender. Not fun, but still tasty.

After dinner was time to go see the new Avengers movie. I like action films and I love Chris Evans, but this one was not as good as the original and nowhere near as good as the recent Captain America Winter Soldier. I think there were so many characters and too long action sequences that quality dialogue and character development got lost. I think I would have feared for the end of the world a little more if there was more sentimentality involved. Still a quality movie, but not as good as their usual.

Saturday was Red Sox day! Stephanie and I headed into Boston during the late morning and had lunch at our favorite old haunt, UBurger. It’s seriously the best burger in town. The fries and onion rings aren’t so bad either.

After lunch, we headed into the game. We had pretty good seats and the sun was shining, but the game was a little blah. When I, at the game, I like to see a ton of runs scored to keep the momentum going. I hate when pitchers move so slowly because it prevents a natural rhythm flowing on either side. I would like to remind you of when I posted right before the season starting that Blake Swihart would be our starting catcher come May. I went to the game on May 2nd and saw his debut. I’m a little psychic, but hella baseball savvy. Just don’t let me buy his jersey.

 The afternoon was still pleasant, even after a disappointing loss, so we took advantage of walking around the city. There were definitely a lot of people out, but I think everyone was just in a good mood because of the long winter we had. We walked up Newbury Street, around the Common, and back down Boylston where we stopped at another old college favorite for dinner.

This place has the best Chinese food. Often times when I eat Chinese, it’s too oily and doesn’t sit right in my stomach. This was not the case. We split an order of crab Rangoon, spring rolls, and sesame chicken with brown rice. Perfect size for sharing! To walk off dinner, we took the train stop farthest away from where we were. Throughout the day, I racked up 16,500 steps!

That night, we had a bit of a movie marathon. I can’t remember the name but the first movie we watched starred Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd, two of my favorites, but it was a little strange. Amy was flawless as usual and it was meant to make a mockery of romantic comedies, but it was a tad too silly for my tastes. Next, we watched a strange little thriller called The Babadook that was just weird and not as scary as our typical standards.

Sunday morning brought my peanut butter pancakes. It was seriously so nice out and I couldn’t wait to get outside! After Stephanie headed home in the early afternoon, I laced up my sneakers and took off for a run. I did 3.1 miles but was feeling tightness in my calves. I topped it off with a 3 mile walk and a few sprints once my legs loosened up. After getting some chores done, I headed out for a 2 mile walk with my mom. Overall, I set a new record for steps- 20,000. Every single one was worth it out there in the he sun and warmth. It was such a perfect day.

I finished off my day with a quality writing session. I’ve been staying up about an hour later than usual to write and so far it hasn’t effected my morning workouts or made me too tired. If anything, I, feeling even better knowing I’m making time for my passion. It fills the soul in other ways.

I got up this morning and took myself to the gym for a strength workout. It was an intense one with a to of heavy weights using the barbell. Performing each move in reps of 10x10x8x8x6x6x4x4, I kept raising the weight. My routine included dead lifts, bicep curls, rows, high pulls, shoulder presses, squat presses, leg presses, bench presses, shoulder raises, and tricep extensions. It took so long, I didn’t have time for cardio, but that’s quite alright because I went for a nice walk with my mom in the afternoon.

Breakfast was a quick egg sandwich made on an English muffin with pepperjack cheese, ham, and an egg. It actually kept me full until lunch, later in the day than usual. I enjoyed a stir fry made with chicken, black beans, veggies, and cilantro lime brown rice I made based off of Chipotle. All I did was toss cilantro, lime juice, and olive lil into the rice pan. It was quite good and something a little different! I had an orange for dessert.

For an afternoon snack, I enjoyed some Trader Joe’s peanut butter cup trail mix that has little peanut butter cups, dried cherries, almonds, and cashews. It’s my favorite- the right combination of nutritious and indulgent!

On the even more beautiful Monday- 80 degrees!- dinner was a fresh piece of swordfish grilled with some peppers and zucchini. I had a little brown spinach rice to go with it, along with some of these crunchy green bean fries and leftover cauliflower.

And finally, May the Fourth Be With You! Happy Star Wars day!


  Just ignore the fact that this posted a day after…

May Greetings!

It must be the end of the week because I just had to be told I was wearing my sweatshirt backwards. The terrible thing is, I thought it was strange when I couldn’t find the front pocket, but it didn’t alert me to maybe see what was happening. One could say I have so many other things going on, I couldn’t be bothered with such frivolous details. One would be too kind.

The day started off with a little bit of an eff you from my alarm. I thought I still had some time, so I rolled over to lay on my side just as my alarm blared. It was really mean, but it offended me such much, it woke me right up. Nicely played, Siri? *When speaking in terms of iPhones, I just blame Siri for everything.

I got things moving with a body strength workout at the gym. Side step ups are harder than they look, especially when followed by elevated calf raises, two different types of squats, two different kinds of lunges, kneeling kickbacks using a very tight resistance band, and elevated hip lifts on a stability ball. My legs were sore! I also went through tricep dips, push ups, mountain climbers, mermaid raises, sit ups, Russian twists, and roll outs. After, I was stoked to hop in the pool, even though it was a bit crowded and I was wall side in my lane, which in hate because I feel claustrophobic. I also enjoy swimming in the middle lanes of the pool because it has the whole open water effect. I’m a freak, I know. *For the record, if you out me in actual open water, I would panic and drown myself by accident. I fit in a solid mile and left the gym jazzed for the day.

For breakfast, I heated up the new breakfast sandwich machine to excellent results. It’s super easy to use, it’s fast, and you don’t have to do much fussing about, so I can get organized without feeling rushed. This also allows me a little longer time at the gym. Fresh fruit topped off my yummy meal.


I was- ok, my mom- was right about the whole fat in my meal thing. A little cheese left me fuller for longer and I didn’t even think of eating again until a few, appropriate, hours later. Lunch was a stir fry with buckwheat noodles,  chicken, veggies, and the aforementioned cheese. For a snack, I had the juiciest orange and a cup of Trader Joes coconut cream Greek yogurt that was incredible. Seriously, it was so good, but it did have a little more sugar than I would normally allot for a snack.

  It was all about the veggies for dinner. I tossed a shaved Brussels sprout salad together for a fresh side,malong with kebabs with grilled chicken, pepper, and zucchini. Because we were going to make it earlier in the week and didn’t, we also had cauliflower au gratin and a side of brown spinach rice. So good!

It’s Friday, friends, which means one more morning until I can sleep in! Also, only a few more hours until I get to see my husband, Chris Evans, up on the big screen again. Avengers Assemble! 

Oh! And happy. May!