I Didn’t Pull Out My Eyelashes

There was an incident on Friday night. I suppose this is why they say not to look at your electronics right before bed because you end up staying up later than you should, which makes your eyes sleepy and itchy and when you go to rub them, something comes off that looks a lot like your eyelashes. 

I flew out of bed to verify that I indeed still had my eyelashes intact. To make doubly sure, I applied mascara to make sure that the lashes extended and were as full as usual. Crisis diverted.

Friday morning started with quite a workout! With muscles no longer so sore, I went through a dumbbell circuit that involved lots of heavy weights. I hopped on the treadmill for five minutes of sprinting, which by the way, sucks less when you are running off the treadmill and going freestyle, but sometimes you have to make do, then I went through an intense, tiring Plyometrics workout. I almost talked myself out of burpees, but I sucked it up and got through it. Ending with five minutes of jump roping makes things burn, but I left feeling so powerful!

Since Friday traffic is lessened, I had time to whip up these pancakes from a mix I bought at Stonewall Kitchen- toasted coconut. They were a little flatter than my homemade recuperating, but still delicious! I topped them with some peanut butter and jelly and enjoyed a bowl of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries that were so juicy.

For lunch, I ate another stir fry. I ran out of my Thai peanut sauce and only had a little to spare for the dish, so I drizzled some chili sauce for a kick of flavor. Divine!

I wanted a soup and sandwich for dinner on Thursday, but they ended up giving me a full sandwich so I really only had a bite of soup. It was a ham and cheddar with mixed greens on a baguette with honey mustard. Not too shabby. For soup, I had a tomato based broth with corn.

On Saturday, I expected a relaxing and refreshing day, which started out with these peanut butter pancakes that made my heart and tummy happy.

Turns out, springtime cleaning had another idea in mind for my Saturday afternoon. I spent most of the day raking up dead grass, which is great exercise. I still had a run on tap afterwards and it was amazing to be outside in the sun to rack up 3.1 miles. I added another 2 of walking since it was so nice out. When I got back, I went through a half hour Yoga sequence that was the cherry on top of another great week of exercise!

After my day of labor, I sat down to enjoy my leftover soup with a fresh roll and some veggie sticks.

I was very excited to make a stop in Barnes and Noble after dinner last night because it’s one of my favorite places. I really like to walk around and browse, but I did end up purchasing a new journal, JK Rowling’s illustrated version of her Harvard Commencement speech from 2008, and  the Bell Jar, which I’ve been wanting to reread.
Sunday morning, I woke up feeling only slightly hungry, a rarity, so I toasted an English muffin and smeared peanut butter on top. I also had a small bowl of raisin bran with chopped banana, so I guess I was hungrier than I claimed.

Now lunch was something I was quite proud of. I ended up taking my Parmesan zucchini recipe and applying it to tilapia. Parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, oregano, thyme, garlic powder, and basil all mixed together. Drizzle the fish with a little olive oil and coat it with the Parmesan mix. With the oven at 400, cook for 12 minutes. In the future, I think I will try broiling it for a minute or two longer just to make it a bit crispier. So good! On the side, I made myself a shaved brussel sprout salad that included shaved carrots, chopped peppers, craisins, and pistachios mixed in the rose blush dressing I adore. An original Caitlin gourmet dish that made enough for lunch the next day! One might claim restaurant worthy.

Sundays, as I like them, are often spent cleaning and prepping meals for the week. Not only do I enjoy taking the time to create healthy, fresh, quality meals, but it also allows me time during the busy week to do other things that I enjoy. The fish and brussel sprout salad was one meal and I spent good time chopping up more veggies and readying dishes you will be drooling over throughout the week. Laundry was folded, my room was cleaned, then I sat down to put in a good amount of time writing. Diligence!

For dinner, I had a craving for hot dogs which was stimulated by my afternoon walk. All around me, people were at their grilles for a good old barbecue and I knew I needed to get on that as well. I paired the dogs with some veggie sticks and tempura broccoli which was a fun change. 

Enjoy the week!

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