Drug-Induced Sleepiness and a Couple of Meals

This post includes a recap of meals for the past two days. I took a break from my usual formula on Wednesday because I wanted to take a moment to remember the victims of the Boston Marathon. I still can’t believe that it happened and have no idea how two years have passed. Never forget.

I think I’ve solved the mystery of why it has been so difficult to wake up in the morning. Allergy medication. Turns out, I was popping a Bendryl before bed instead of a straight up allergy pill and I think that has caused me to be more tired in the morning. Part of it will always be that it’s just hard to wake up early, but I was doing well during the bitter cold winter months and now that it’s nicer, I’m having more trouble.

I did have an easier time Tuesday morning than Monday, but it took me a few minutes of stretching at the gym to get going. Once I was up, I started things off with a body strength workout. Step ups will never be easy, especially when followed by squats, lunges, kickbacks, push ups, mountain climbers, mermaid raises, hip lifts, alternating ankle grabs, leg lift v ups, and 30 second planks. For my cardio, I hopped into the pool for a great swim. I maintained a strong pace and felt breathless and exerted in a good way when I was done. I’ve made it up to 30 laps in about 35 minutes, which means I’m getting faster because I usually average 26-28 in that timeframe.

My breakfast was a cup of overnight oatmeal I had thrown together the night before and a waffle with two teaspoons of peanut butter for an extra bite of protein. I had these delicious and juicy strawberries with crisp blueberries and raspberries to accompany it.

I had an odd craving for a sandwich, so I made myself a ham and cheese with spicy mustard. It was very tasty and something to look forward to for my midday meal. For my sides, I enjoyed some tostito chips and veggie sticks.

Dinner hit the spot. Grilled steak with brown spinach rice, broccoli, and mushrooms and peppers make an excellent meal. I’m loving the chili sauce I have been putting on veggies and other dishes for an added burst of flavor.

Mid-way through the week now, friends. Any weekend plans propelling you through?

Wednesday was absolutely beautiful. Even at 5:45 AM, it felt warm. I was regretting not heading outside for my run when I could see and feel the sun shining down on me. Wednesdays are my day to switch back and forth between strength and running, which gives me a great workout, but I also want to take advantage of the sun. I was reaping the benefits of my workout, which means I was b-e-a-t.

I came home to ready for the day and make myself a delicious breakfast. Two eggs over easy with a little cheese and an english muffin with butter and jelly. It must be spring because fruit is tasting SO good. It’s berry season people! I’ve been loving the strawberries and blueberries in particular!

photo 1

Lunch was an interesting concoction. I bought buckwheat noodles and sesame oil, so I knew I needed to try them together. I grilled up some chicken in the sesame oil, which by the way was spicy because I accidentally bought the hot version, and tossed in some veggies when the meat was mostly cooked through. Once the noodles were done, I threw them in the pan and poured a little thai peanut sauce. I thought it was quite good and I was happy I made two servings so I can enjoy some for another lunch this week.

photo 2

Dinner included a fresh piece of salmon marinated in teriyaki sauce. I made a caesar salad with a little spurt of lemon, roasted Brussels sprouts, squash, and peppers, with leftover brown spinach rice. Notice the glaze of chili sauce. It adds a flavorful kick!

photo 3

I happened to check the weather this weekend and if my eyes do not deceive me- 70 and sunny on Saturday. AH!

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