An Ode To Sneakers

I have a tough time letting go of sneakers. Think of all the miles and steps they’ve gone on with you. Some painful, some exuberant, long runs, short jaunts from the initial pain to the inexplicable comfort. I love my sneakers, but after a long winter slushing through the snow to get to the treadmill or the monotony on the treadmill, it’s time to say goodbye. I hate fitting new sneakers on my feet and those first few runs. I try to rack up a few miles by walking because inevitably there will be some pain and blisters. Eventually they start to feel normal and you don’t even appreciate how fitted they are to your feet, kind of like how you don’t yearn to feel “normal” until you’re sick. 


 Sneakers are definitely replaceable, but as I “run” through them, I like to take a moment to remember and to appreciate every step, every stride, every puddle, every crunch, every minute, every mile. It makes me feel proud every time I get through another pair of sneakers because I know they were truly used. All the sneakers that have now dusted over or gone to the trash, they’re proof of the work and accomplishment of what I have been able to do these past THREE years. The more worn and rundown they are, the harder I’ve worked, the more I’ve achieved. With fitness, just stepping out the door and making it to the gym is an accomplishment. Revel in it. 


Weekends always pass by so quickly in a wonderful way. I’ve had a great weekend of friends, family, food, exercise, and fun, starting on Friday morning with a workout and a bowl of oats. For my workout, I ran through a dumbbell strength routine before finishing up with a sweaty Plyometrics workout. Oatmeal included dark chocolate peanut butter, blueberries, raspberries, and coconut. So delicious!


I followed my oatmeal up with leftover pizza and a fresh salad for lunch.



For dinner, I met up with my friend Molly for our favorite meal at Border Cafe, the blackened salmon salad with warm tostito chips and margaritas of course.



Saturday was move in day for Lauren and Nick, so I know I needed a substantial breakfast to get going. Peanut butter pancakes are a jewel of life. Fresh, tasty, and nutritious!



A quick hot dog on a toasted roll and salad helped me refuel.



After the move, I took myself over to the gym-damn the snow for foiling my plan to run outside!- and started with a stretch session and some Yoga. On the treadmill, I ran 4.1 miles and felt sweaty and tired by the end, looking forward to a full day of rest on Sunday!

My dinner was this delicious stir fry made with veggies, whole wheat bow tie pasta, and chicken meatballs in a Thai peanut sauce. Yum!


Before grocery shopping on Sunday, I woke up to some poached eggs over toast. Buttery, warm, and oh so good.



For lunch, I met my friend Katie in the city. The sun was shining and the air was chilly, with a touch of warmth. I got a barbecue pork sandwich and we split some fries. After, we meandered our way over to some stores and I bought two new shirts, new socks, and a giant coffee mug. 


We also stopped into Ben and Jerry’s for some disappointing ice cream. The flavor was halted by the ice chips swirled inside and the taste was not fresh. Disappointing! I have high standards for my ice cream people. 

When I got home, I went on a walk with my mom and the dog before setting up in the kitchen for a veggie chopping session. It is so much easier to chop veggies for lunch in advance so I can just toss everything together in a jiff! So much more to do at night than be making lunches. I was able to get all of my laundry done on Saturday so Sunday was just a relaxing night before the week ahead.

What’s the best thing you did this weekend?

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