Weekend Away

Many times, travel adventures are made not by what you did, but who joined you. Things do not always go smoothly, but learning to adapt, be flexible, and take things in stride will make matters a lot happier.

My arrival home via bus on Sunday marked the end of my three-week long adventures. For the past three weekends, I’ve been back and forth between home and New York. Timing of my trips was not purposeful because even though the trip isn’t long, it’s exhausting not to have a weekend here and there to just relax. I wont complain because each trip has been different and fun and totally worth the lack of sleep.

This past trip, I made my way to New York, then met up with Bobby and Ruben to get on a train to rent a car to drive to Atlantic City. We happened to be a little late at the car rental place and found that they had closed down for the afternoon- it was only one fifteen! We did a little browsing on our phones and found another rental service just a half mile down the road, trekked our way over, just to discover that they had overbooked and run out of cars. Back to the internet, we finally decided on taking an Uber to Newark Airport and getting a rental car there. Success!

After stopping for coffee and Dairy Queen, we were finally on the road to Atlantic City, which is two hours in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Thinking we had time to enjoy a nice dinner before seeing our show, we realized it started an hour before we thought it did and had just enough time to pick up our friend Laura and get to the theater.

I’ve seen Kathy Griffin three times now and I never leave disappointed. She constantly changes up her stand-up to remain relevant and hilarious. I think I lost my voice laughing so hard. It was well worth the long trip to get there and she put on a surprisingly long two-hour show.

Kathy has actually been caught up in a bit of “controversy” having left Fashion Police after only two months of being on the show. It was an interesting time to see her show, two days after the announcement, but I respect her decision and the reason- she doesn’t like humor that is based simply on what a person, mostly women, looks like. Her humor certainly mocks for people for what they do, which may be considered mean, but it’s different than analyzing a person’s appearance and who they are. Props to Kathy and major thanks for a great show!

After the show, we headed down to an Italian restaurant in the casino. I opted for the spaghetti and meatballs that was quite good, but nothing spectacular.

Since we still hadn’t checked into our hotel, we drove over to put our stuff down and explore, but by the time we made it to our room, we all agreed that we were exhausted and decided that was a wrap for the night. I’m not much of a gambling lady myself. I prefer to get something for my money rather than risking it blindly. I’m not particularly lucky, but rather anxious, so it’s never worth it. Didn’t miss anything by skipping out on the casino part of Atlantic City, though it is interesting to people watch. Vegas is far superior regardless.

Sunday morning, we woke up early to make it to the car rental place before it closed, again at one. It was an easy two-hour drive, mostly because I slept through most of it. After dropping off the car and stopping for coffee, it was time to hop on the train back into the city. I said goodbye to Bobby and Ruben and made my way to Penn Station where a cup of mint chocolate chip was in order. It was soothing to my sore throat and my hungry belly.

Before heading out, I got a slice of pizza for the trip and stood in line for the bus, enjoying the warmth the sun was actually giving off. The trip itself wasn’t so bad, save for a spot of traffic heading out of the city. It’s always difficult for me to leave New York because it feels like a piece of my heart belongs there. I’m not sure if it’s all in my head, but whenever I’m there, it just feels right. It’s my second favorite place in the world, besides my home, but that is mostly due to the people who live there.

But as Dumbledore says to Harry to some effect, “Just because it’s inside your head, doesn’t mean it’s not real.”

This round, leaving was particularly difficult because I knew I wouldn’t be coming back in a week’s time. For sure, it won’t be long before I’m back and I am looking forward to a more relaxing weekend next week, but it’s still bittersweet.

It was nice to some extent to have all these travel adventures in March because its an otherwise dull month. There are no breaks and it’s still cold and dreary. Now that we are on the verge of April and Spring, there’s a lot in which to look forward. I can’t wait for the nce weather because one of my goals this season is to do a lot more hiking and biking. Running outside will also be a refreshing reprieve from all the time I’ve spent on the treadmill this winter. And now we are only a few weeks away from the Red Sox! I haven’t spent a lot of time following Spring Training, but from what I have seen, we’ve got a good team that should at least make things interesting.

Speaking of interesting, for the next few months, a lot of energy will be focused on preparing for my sister Lauren and Nick’s wedding. Many exciting events are occurring leading up to the big day, which of course I cannot discuss before they happen so as not to tarnish the surprise.

Bring it on!

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