Grape Adventures of My Childhood

As I was tossing a grape into the air to catch it, my mother took the opportunity to tell me how I almost died as a child. Apparently, I was an enthusiastic eater- spoiler alert: still am- and I got over excited for the grape and began to choke. She had to slap me on the back as hard as she could until it finally plopped out into her hand. The kicker is that after I got over my initial shock, I just took the grape back and popped it into my mouth. Nothing to see here.

Speaking of food, this morning, I had a few extra minutes in the morning because I didn’t have to pack up my lunch, so I scrambled up some eggs, threw a slice of muenster cheese on top and enjoyed it with some toast and fruit. It was an excellent, filling breakfast to help me refuel after quite a grueling workout.

photo 1

For my workout, I decided to alternate strength and cardio circuits. Starting with strength, I ran through two sets of dumbbell exercises of ten reps before hopping on the treadmill for twelve minutes, running a mile and a bit. Next, I went back to perform the same set of dumbbell exercises, raising the weight and lowering the reps to eight for two sets. Back on the treadmill, I ran for another twelve minutes, raising the pace just a tad. (I just wrote that as twelve miles by accident, which would have been obnoxious had I just said that so casually). One last strength circuit was two sets of six reps at the heaviest weight. By the end of it, my arms and shoulders were aching. Twelve more minutes on the treadmill at the fastest pace, finishing off for a total of 3.25 miles for the whole thing. To round things off, I ended with a couple of minutes planking and left the gym nice and sweaty.

Lunch this afternoon was very exciting because we ordered out for soup! I chose Mulligatawny, which is a curry-based soup and delicious! I enjoyed it with a bite of a small side salad and a multi-grain roll. Funny that we would choose soup on the warmest day of the year thus far..

photo 2

Last night, we headed over to do some final preparations on my sister’s wedding dress. We came home to have a roasted chicken dinner with stuffing, spinach rice, Brussels sprouts, squash, and peppers. A great way to end the evening!

It should be noted that it was so nice out today-almost in the sixties!- that I would have driven home with all my car windows down had the majority of my commute not been on the highway. It was a little warm even without my jacket locked up in my car that got far more sun than I did, so I had to turn on the AC, but only a little. I won’t complain. Bring on the melting! Bring on the sunshine! Bring on the warmth!

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