Adam Levine Wouldn’t Turn His Chair For Me But I’d Pick Him Anyways

Do people watch The Voice? My mom and I are obsessed with it, mostly because of Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Without a doubt, if I were ever to go on there and have the chairs turn for me-spoiler alert: they wouldn’t- I would choose Adam hands down, always. Not only is he ridiculously attractive, but he knows the business and also is really passionate about helping people and their talents. Adorable.

For the record, he would probably be the only one who didn’t turn.

Since I’ve returned to swimming, I’ve experienced less pain. It really has helped protect my body and keep my legs strong when I do run and other exercises and I’m excited that I can fit it into my schedule. The pool is usually stuffed with people in every lane, but I’ve found the perfect time twice a week, which has refreshed my workouts. Exciting stuff!

This morning, I started my workout with some Plyometrics action. My circuit included jumping jacks, skater jumps, high knees, box jumps, squats, lunges, and push ups. I finished with a few planks before throwing on my suit and leaping into the pool. The water has been the perfect temperature, not too cold upon first dive, but not too warm that after I get going, it’s unbearable. As I grow more accustomed to swimming again, I’ll start to incorporate some sprints into my laps, but for now, I’m just focused on swimming non-stop.

Swimming is the perfect cross-training for running because there’s no stress on the legs or knees and it helps breathing. It’s also another natural body movement that doesn’t need machinery. Loving it!

After my workout, I heated up this bowl of oats I baked the evening before. I had put a bit too much milk into it when baking, so it was more liquidy than usual. Inside, there was peanut butter, blueberries, strawberries, and banana and I topped it with more peanut butter and a dollop of jelly.

photo 1

I was looking forward to this sandwich since I put it together the night before. It was mostly turkey with a slice of ham and some muenster cheese with mustard on whole wheat sour dough. For crunch, I had celery sticks, carrots, and peppers with a bit of ranch dressing to dip it in. I also had some pistachios for the salt craving that was nagging at me. I forget how much I love pistachios until I eat them again.

photo 2

Dinner was steak tips and macaroni and cheese with a salad. It is the perfect combination, but kind of heavy, especially before bed. I can’t control myself with this stuff but since my brother is home for his spring break, it needed to be made.

photo 3

Because it’s been so nice out, near the fifties!, and lighter later on in the day, I’ve been able to walk after work. It’s great to get that extra bit of exercise to end my day. It is harder to go to bed so early though. Waking up so early remains a good motivator.

Another sign of spring presented itself today, but it was a rather unfortunate one for me personally. After eating my apple, my eye began to itch, which means allergy season is upon us. Sad that I won’t be able to eat as much fruit. Perhaps I can get a few more in there before it becomes unbearable!

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