Sister Time In The City

This weekend was another one spent in New York. Traveling is busy and tiring, but well worth it. This time, I went with my sister and we had a blast wandering around the city. We started out downtown and meandered our way until our stomachs were rumbling and we stopped in for a bite of fresh Mediterranean food. The best falafel ever.

After, we made our way through Tribeca, Chelsea, and Greenwich Village- don’t judge me if my order is wrong, I don’t remember exactly! We even accidentally stumbled upon what is possibly the greatest shop of all time- Peanut Butter and Co- whose peanut butter I am obsessed with. I declined to go in just yet because we had just eaten and I want to go in on an empty stomach.

Finding the High Line was a bit of a triumph because I wasn’t exactly certain where I was going, but I still got us there. It’s such a beautiful, fun way to see the city. Even though it’s still crowded with people, it seems quieter and more peaceful up there. You can see the water on one side, the city streets on the other, and all the gorgeous apartments with luxurious decks. It was still quite chilly, especially with the wind, so after one full lap, we headed back down and decided to stop into Chelsea Market.

The stop that caught our eye the most was a wine tasting that was about to start just as we walked in. Impromptu day drinking is the best kind of day drinking and we enjoyed our sips of wine. Divine! We were astounded they wouldn’t give us chocolates to finish off, so we left craving something a little sweet and decided upon splitting an ice cream- coconut with chocolate covered almonds and double cookies n cream with Oreos and some sort of spiced cookie. So good!

Our next stop was actually dinner to meet my friend Bobby. We went to Locanda Verde, which had we gone later, we might have run into the Hunger Games cast. Our reservation had to be earlier though because Lauren and I had a show to get to. Okay, so my planning was kind of unfortunate because I ended up seeing the same show two weeks in a row. It was still fabulous, maybe even more so the second time. We had really good seats-third row, baby- and it’s interesting because you can see the actors spitting from their pronunciation. Just like in that episode of Friends. Still gross, though.

After the show, my sister was a good sport and headed to the stage door with me. She even tried to get her cup signed by Kristin Chenoweth for me, but Kristin was on vocal rest and not speaking, so in solidarity, Lauren thought she couldn’t speak and kind of just kept waving the cup in Kristin’s face. We had a great laugh after that.


My friends Bobby and Ruben were so nice once again to let us stay the night. Sleep came easily, despite losing that hour, as we had been up dark and early at 4:45 to catch our bus Saturday morning.

Sunday morning, we didn’t have much time to explore, but we were able to stop for brunch before leaving. We went to a small, cute place called Supper. I chose the eggs parmigiana, which was baked eggs in marinara sauce, topped with cheese. Bread went nicely for dipping. Before hopping on the bus, we stopped for a cup of tea and a homemade cookie.

Though the bus ride took a little longer than it should have due to the traffic heading out of the city, Lauren and I watched the new Backstreet Boys documentary, which took up a good two hours. It was hilarious, but also a little sentimental to see how it all went down. I’m not certain how time has flown so fast from when we were younger and going to those concerts. Oh wait, our last Backstreet Boys concert was this past June…

Monday morning came a bit early, but I was able to roll out of bed and get going at the gym once I warmed up. I went for a dumbbell strength routine before heading to the treadmill. For my run, I alternated between running at a medium pace, walking on an incline, and running fast. By the end, I was running at a 6.5 mph pace, which is fast for me. It felt good to get in such a great workout, but I was so tired throughout the day. The sunshine so much later in the afternoon was worth it in the end.

Overnight oats with extra milk and blueberries for breakfast.

photo 1

A salad and a corn English muffin with peanut butter was an excellent noontime meal.

photo 2

Salmon, rice, broccoli, cauliflower, and a bite of ground beef. Delicious!photo 3

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