Coffee To The Face

I want to start my post by wishing a very speedy recovery to my favorite actor, Harrison Ford. He was in a plane crash, but appears to be okay. I love him and feel just sick about this.

This morning started out with a bit of the shock when coffee splattered into my eye as I was taking a sip. It wasn’t hot at this point, since I prefer to drink coffee warm, not steaming, but it was a surprise! In the morning, I start with a big glass of water and a small snack to get my metabolism soaring before heading out for my workout. The key is having a half cup of coffee on the ride to the gym because it’s warm, but the caffeine adds a jolt to my workout. Usually this all goes fine, but I must have tilted the cup just the wrong way to get me.

For my pre-workout snack, I had another tablespoon of peanut butter on a piece of bread with chopped banana, this time with white chocolate peanut butter.

I was excited this morning to find that there was no snow on the ground, which meant I could get to the gym. I started with a half hour of strength training with the barbell for bench presses and a couple of rounds of a dumbbell circuit. I was even more excited when I realized the pool wasn’t crowded, so I ran down to hop in there and get in a number of laps. Swimming is the absolute best cross-training exercise for running because it doesn’t hurt my joints in the slightest. The elliptical is fine every once in awhile, but the best form of cardio are the ones your body can do naturally. Biking is another good one, though I find it’s not as good using the stationary kind. For me at least. Soul Cycle remains the exception because that was one of my favorite workouts ever.

For my real breakfast, I had some extra time to be a little creative. I cooked two eggs over easy and plopped them on top of an english muffin sprinkled with cheese. It was a delicious breakfast along with the sweetest bowl of berries!

photo 1

Lunch was a crunchy salad stocked with bright veggies and a bowl of leftover macaroni and cheese that was warm, gooey, and cheesy in all the best ways.

photo 2

It was so good in fact, that I went back for more macaroni and cheese when it came time to dinner, to go along with some chopped hot dog in tomato sauce. I also had some broccoli, corn, creamed spinach, and a salad. Apparently, I really liked my lunch and wanted more.


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