Here Comes The Weekend

Yesterday was the first day I haven’t blogged in about two weeks. It was for good reason as I met some grad school friends for dinner and conversation. It was a fun night and by the time I got home, I was ready for bed!

The next couple of days are going to be busy busy, so I might not have time to check in for awhile. Here’s a few meals and workouts to hold you over until then.

Toast and peanut butter made my tummy happy Wednesday morning after a heavy strength workout. I was feeling indulgent, so I toasted up some coconut and sprinkled it on top.

photo 1

Pizza and salad are one of those perfect combinations. As a mid-day meal, this hit the spot and cheered up my day.

photo 2

Knowing I wanted to have two Bertucci’s rolls, I chose the soup and salad combination to keep things on the light side. It was delicious and completely filling.

photo 3

Thursday morning, I quickly scrambled an egg, egg white, and two tablespoons of cottage cheese. Honey wheat toast and a bowl of fruit perfectly complemented the eggs.

photo 1

A veggie and brown rice stir fry tossed with some more of those chicken meatballs came together to form an excellent lunch. With a little teriyaki marinade drizzled on top, there was a collection of flavors.

photo 2

Dinner seems a little carb heavy. I had a grilled piece of tilapia with cajun seasoning, broccoli, peppers, and some whole wheat pasta sprinkled with cheese on top.

photo 3

As for workouts, Wednesday ended up being solely strength, leaving me quite sore even two days later. I went through my regular barbell workout, performing each move in sets of 10-10-8-8-6-6-4-4. By the end, my muscles were tired and it was time to go.

I went for a cardio heavy workout on Wednesday by starting on the treadmill for 25 minutes for a run. Seeing that the pool was somewhat empty, I rushed down and hopped in for a swim. My muscles were nice and surprised since I haven’t been able to swim in a long time, but it felt good and refreshing to be back at it. My hope is that I can get into the pool at least once a week, hopefully twice. The elliptical and bike don’t provide me enough of a workout anymore and I can’t run every single day and keep healthy legs. Swimming really helped me cross train, especially when combined with strength training, and I’d love to keep going.

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