Quick Check-In

I’m checking in before my screenwriting class, so this will be a shorter post. I started my morning with a hard-boiled egg and a cheesestick, which fueled me through my body strength workout and run this morning at the gym.

When I got home, to ease the frigid cold, I cooked up some stove-top peanut oats. I had just enough time to toast up some coconut to drizzle on top. Banana, blueberries, and raspberries were swirled throughout. Delicious!

photo 1

For lunch, I had a bowl of homemade chicken tortilla soup and a toasted corn muffin with peanut butter. To get an extra kick of veggies, I had carrots, peppers, and celery sticks.

photo 2

Dinner was something I haven’t had in awhile. Pizza! My favorite. I enjoyed my favorite toppings, peppers, and had a salad to go alongside it.

photo 3

Great ending to a busy day! Now time to workshop!


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