The Oscars!

I’m embarrassed. My parents have seen more than twice as many Oscar nominated films than I have this year. I guess they are just film conrnessouirs now. I was sadly lacking in that department due to a lack of effort, but there’s always time to catch up.

Maybe I’m getting older with more responsibilities, or maybe no one is nominated who I really care about, but while I enjoyed watching the part of the Oscars that I bothered to stay up for, I couldn’t make it the whole thing. I didn’t even try. Neil Patrick Harris was of course, fabulous, and I loved his opening number. I prefer a longer monologue, but there’s only so much time. Why did they start at 8:30?

On Sundays, I like to be productive, getting as many lunches and breakfasts prepared for the week, getting in my workout, doing laundry, and painting my nails. The snow and the work we have to do to clean up after it, delays this. We must be as flexible as possible. I’m learning not to let these small things stress me out as much as they normally do. What a process.

Speaking of meals, for breakfast, we wanted to mix things up a little with our poached eggs. We sautéed some spinach and boiled some hollandaise sauce. You can’t see the spinach in the picture, but I assure you, it was there. Poached eggs are so tasty on their own, but sometimes a little change up can be just as good, if not better. A large bowl of fruit topped off the meal.

photo 1Anticipating a bigger dinner, after my workout, I came home to enjoy a quick snack. I went for a cheesestick, a couple of crackers, carrots, and an apple. It hit the spot and helped me refuel until dinner.

photo 2

Dinner was a bit of a family affair with my sister, Lauren, and her fiancée Nick over. We had roasted chicken, brussels sprouts, squash, peppers, stuffing, and potatoes. The meal itself was divine, but for dessert, we had apple crumble and a generous scoop of ice cream.

photo 3

For my workout, I kicked things off with a body strength workout that left me more than warmed up. Starting with step ups, I ran through a circuit of dips, squats, lunges, kickbacks, calf raises, push ups, spiderman climbers, mermaid raises, hip lifts, bicycle crunches, ankle grabs, crunches, hundreds, and Russian twists. After, I hit the treadmill for a long run. I got through 3.1 and would have liked to go on longer, except my foot was falling asleep. I tried to trek through it for as long as possible, but after that initial run, I gave it a breather and walked for five minutes. I was able to run for another seven minutes after, then finished up with another five minutes walk. It was a great workout that left me sweaty in the grossest, best way possible.


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