Spring Will Come…Eventually

I sat down after dinner, flipped on the TV, to write this blog and some talkback session is on with the Red Sox. I didn’t realize how much I missed baseball until this moment. Maybe it was the flashback to last season showing the warmth, sun, and ground. Maybe it’s just because I love this game and I love this team. Last year was a bit of a wash, but as I remember the moves we’ve made, and didn’t, I think we are off to make a great start.

The major thing that will be fun this season is the offense. Last year, they couldn’t drive in runs and there is nothing more frustrating than leaving men on base in this game. Pitching is important, but I’d rather see a huge scoring game than a pitcher’s duel from an entertainment standpoint. Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez should bring a lot of personality to the field and to the team’s image. It doesn’t suck that new Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello happens to be very handsome. It makes Jon Lester’s move to Chicago that much okay.

Speaking of, I was sad to see him go and would have welcomed him back with open arms, but not at that amount of money. Sports stars and entertainment folks already make too much money and I don’t understand why there isn’t a limit like there is in other sports. It forces teams to be creative and gives smaller market teams a chance. It’s odd to me that someone like Tom Brady, who is arguably (I say that so you won’t yell at me if you oppose) the greatest quarterback of all time, and deserves a hefty sum of money, restructures his contract to accept less and help his team make other moves, while a guy like Jon Lester, whose had a measure of success, but was never a stud, makes millions upon millions of dollars.

When the Red Sox come back home to Fenway, there will probably still be snow on the ground, but the feeling of Spring will start to reawaken. I can’t wait to see them play again, especially after this long, cold winter!

Now to recap my meals. My morning started with another peanut butter-banana-blueberry wrap before the gym. I had to take time to sweep my car clear of snow, which was a rude awakening so early. Another startling moment came from the rabbit that ran at me out of the bush in my front yard. It’s actually a huge issue that animals are still out in this weather- I blame the lateness of the snow in the season, now the breadth- and even though he scared the crap out of me, I hope he finds a way to stay warm!

At the gym, I fit in a strength workout that used medicine balls and stability balls. For this workout, I focus on lower weight and higher reps, 4 sets of 12. Though I start out with moves like lunges, squats, and push ups, I do a lot of core work. After, I hopped onto the treadmill for another run, two miles, as I increased my speed.

For breakfast, I scrambled an egg, egg white, and a quarter of a cup of cottage cheese and toasted an English muffin. It wasn’t the best looking egg dish I’ve created, but it still tasted great!

photo 1

Lunch was a salad topped with a piece of tilapia. It was a chilly lunch that was helped by this cup of soup I got from Panera. It came with a whole grain roll, but I had already eaten some cheese and crackers as a snack, so I only ate half of the roll. I was actually craving the Vegetable Pesto soup they have, but they don’t offer it on Thursdays. The broccoli cheddar was a fine substitute, but not exactly brothy like I wanted.

photo 2

I am obsessed with these chicken meatballs. They are so flavorful and are so easy to throw into stir fry. To mix things up a bit, I boiled some whole wheat penne and tossed it around with spinach, peppers, carrots, zucchini, and mushrooms. I used the last of my Thai Peanut Sauce for a little extra flavoring. Delicious!

photo 3

One thing I love about my meals is how full of color they are! Though the fruit I ate for breakfast didn’t make the picture, I make a real effort to incorporate fruit and veggies into every meal. They add depth and nutrients that really make a dish!


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