Here Comes The Week (And Snow)

Boy, does time fly by. Wasn’t it just like Thursday of 2005? Somehow long weekends seem to pass by even faster, but hopefully that means that you’ve had that much fun and/or relaxation. In the aftermath of the storm, we all sort of rolled and slipped out of our houses and down our streets. All you hear people say to each other is, “how’d you brave the storm?” The silver lining of snow storms- everyone can relate, so I guess it fosters equality…?

Anyways, my mom and I made it to the empty-ish grocery store, which was a beautiful thing at checkout. It’s the first time in months I haven’t almost gotten decimated by a carriage. I did find a dirty tissue in a carriage though, so I ex-nayed that pretty quickly. This is my life. You read it for the good, the bad, and the perfectly boring. You’re welcome.

I was able to make it down to the gym with minor spinouts. For my workout, I started with an intense dumbbell strength routine because who knows when I’ll make it down to the gym again ‘cus, YUP, more snow is in the forecast for basically all of this week. After I got my muscles burning, I took it to the treadmill and started my run with some sprints. Starting with the intense speed actually made the rest of my brief, but fast run that much easier because my legs adjusted to the higher speed more quickly. I would’ve stayed longer but I had an appointment I needed to get to. Hopefully tomorrow I can get to the gym before the storm- yes, I wake up earlier than snow sometimes- because even though I can workout at home, I prefer the gym.

To recap my meals, I fueled my snowy shoveling Sunday with these peanut butter pancakes. The way I arranged them kind of look like a flower, which at this point, might be wishful thinking for the rest of our lives. Still warm, yummy, and slightly magical.

photo 1Post-shoveling, I dove into this grilled cheese sandwich. On the side, I chopped up some veggies and a handful of potato chips for that satisfying crunch. Even better, a warm cup of Trader Joe’s roasted tomato and pepper soup!

photo 2

To go along with SNL 40- that was mostly fantastic- we cooked up delicious chicken cacciatore with a bunch of peppers and mushrooms. On the side, I opted for the leftover macaroni and cheese and a great big salad that didn’t make it into the picture.

photo 3Another great weekend and hopefully another great week in which to look forward! It may be freezing cold outside, but let’s keep the warm, positivity flowing!

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