Jack Frost Is Pissed

Someone in the north east pissed off Jack Frost and now we’re all dealing with the repercussions. Seriously, this innundation of snow is so overwhelming that even people who like snow are done with the snow. With more on the horizon, and freezing cold temperatures coming, all we can do is keep warm with good meals and home exercise.

So yesterday was my scheduled rest day and the majority of my strenuous activity was standing at the counter working. I did fold some laundry and shovel a bit later that night, but my body was sore from the past few days’ workouts and a rest was appreciated!

Somehow, since I’ve been running more frequently on the treadmill, I’ve taken more of a liking to running. I can’t comprehend it either, but no other cardio workout equals it. Swimming is now wishful thinking with the pool being so crowded in the mornings, but I do try to jump in when I see a free spot. With my new running kick, I’ve decided to inspire myself with a new fitness goal: run a half marathon. I’ve given myself quite a bit of time to train, with my tentative goal September 2015, mostly because I don’t want to do it when it has a potential of being really hot. I will still continue on with my strength routines, which I’ll explain how I kicked up a bit later. Now my plan is to do some form of running every day.Three days a week will be longer runs, two days a week will be faster, shorter runs, and one day a week will include intervals sprinting and on inclines. I’ve been pretty excited since I decided to train for a half, but this snow is trying to prevent me from stretching my legs!

To up the ante with my strength routines, I’m now doing each move over six sets with differing reps, 10-10-8-8-6-6, and increasing the weight as I move down in reps. I have felt a significant difference in how it affects my body. So far, it’s proved effective because I’m realizing I can really go heavier and feel the burn. I’ve been bench pressing 100 pounds, which sounds absurd!

Because I’m changing up my blog- due to wanting to stay inspired while I write- I’m going to be recapping my meals and workouts from the day before. Hopefully that’s not too overwhelming.

To start the snowy morning, I brewed myself a steaming mug of coffee, grilled up peanut butter pancakes, and dressed them in all things red! That wasn’t done on purpose, but I suppose it’s festive with Valentine’s Day around the corner. Wait how is it already almost Valentine’s Day? Blueberries and mashed bananas were also in the batter, but it was all raspberries, strawberries, and strawberry jam on top of those cakes (with a little toasted coconut). Maybe I should have tried to make them heart-shaped. Lunch included this beautiful, flavorful salad with leftover macaroni and cheese. The cold/hot dynamic kept my stomach happy and fairly healthy. It’s always important to serve those veggies, especially when your body is calling for all things comfort! This macaroni and cheese is the epitome of comfort, cheesy goodness! For dinner, I went with this blackened piece of salmon, which is haven’t had in so long! Along with a splash of barbecue sauce on the side, we roasted some butternut squash and cauliflower and served it with brown spinach rice. A nice healthy meal to cancel out the warm chocolate chip cookies I ate! Let’s end this post with a touch of positivity.

photo Someone-my mom- had a moment of wishful thinking yesterday when she decided to buy these daffodils at the store. February is a short month, friends, and sometime in March, the weather HAS to turn over to spring, right?! While it seems that winter and summer have been dominating fall and spring, these seasons do have to come along eventually. Even in the thick of darkness, a hint of brightness can make things that much better. But only if you let it!

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