What To Eat On Snowy Days

An egg and cheesestick is such an easy way to start the day and fuel that morning workout. A bowl of overnight oats, heated up in the morning, is a great accompaniment a little later.



Snowy days go well with pancakes! These bad boys tasted great with a steaming mug of coffee and fueled all of that shoveling I had to do through the day.


Poached eggs have spoiled me. Over easy just doesn’t do it enough for me anymore, but unfortunately I haven’t quite learned how to make them yet. The best part of his breakfast was the toast and fruit.


Look at this! I remembered to snap a picture before I wrapped up my tortilla. Peanut butter and fruit! I was trying to be quick and efficient with this oatmeal I cooked up in the microwave, but it was a flail. Tasted kind of like warmed, hard oats.



Peanut butter toast will never fail me in its deliciousness.


I loved these pancakes so much, I went for them again on Saturday! All the fruit I needed were inside the cakes!


After a week of dreaming of these, I finally got them! Poached eggs over toast. So good, I don’t even know why.


On Sunday, I made a huge vat of black bean soup to have for lunch throughout the week. Served over rice with some cheese drizzled on top, this made a great, filling mid-day meal. A salad too!


Yummy soup on a snowy day made by my neighbor. It had toms of veggies with chicken sausage and some noodles.


Leftover macaroni and cheese made up an easy, quick lunch the next day.


More black bean soup goodness!


And…again…at least my dishes are different…


Oh, this is getting embarrassing.


Leftovers from my dinner the night before with my sister. Coconut curry with chicken and veggies and some brown rice.


The first dinner of the week included some teriyaki chicken, spinach rice, and a few Chinese food items.


This was an odd combination, but chicken cacciatore and macaroni and cheese don’t go terribly bad with each other. Granted, I put my precious Mac in a bowl so that the tomato sauce didn’t interfere.


With fajita style steak, I grilled up this quesadilla. Grilled veggies on the side.


Here we have some chicken parmesan, pasta, and veggies. Quite tasty and cheesy!


This curry soup was average. No veggies, which made me very sad.


This curry was much better, stuffed with veggies, and hearty brown rice.


Aaand, for the big Super Bowl game, we ordered some barbecue food that hit the spot. My choice was pulled pork, rice and beans, and collard greens. Didn’t mean for that to rhyme, but it was super good!


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