Snow Days Doesn’t Have to Mean Rest Days

This week, my workouts were thrown in a bit of a loop due to the snow.

Wednesday is now my off day because I have a screenwriting class that runs late on Tuesday nights. Not even that late, but late enough for an early riser!

Thursday, I was back at it for a kettlebell strength routine that was followed by twenty minutes on the elliptical. For kettlebells, I try to incorporate both strength and core moves that affect the entire body. This includes a circuit of swings, goblet squats, high pulls, shoulder raises, and kickback rows. The next circuit is core focused with tricep pullovers on the stability ball, lunges, mermaid raises, hundreds, and Russian twists. Effective!

Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to get to the gym on Saturday, I ran on Friday morning. First, I started with my go-to body strength workout that I really enjoy. Starting with step ups, I go to dips, plié squats, lunges, kickbacks, push ups, mountain climbers, mermaid raises, ankle grabs, hip lifts, bicycle crunches, and Russian twists. After a few reps of those, I completed a few planks before hopping on the treadmill. To mix things up, I like to run for five minutes flat at a medium level, ran slow on a slight incline, then fast on a flat surface. After going through that circuit twice, I ended with a five minute medium run on a flat surface, my legs were feeling it later!

Shoveling is quite an effective winter workout. After putting my share in on Saturday, I relaxed for most of the day. It wasn’t until later on that night when I was ready to do another workout. I started a strength routine using this random ten pound dumbbell I found lying around. I did ten moves, ten reps, and six sets. I finished up on the bike for a half hour watching SNL trying to mock the Patriots’ situation.

It was good to be back at the gym on Sunday, especially because my gym time was cut short this week due to the storm. Starting with a strength routine using a stability ball and medicine balls, I was nice and stretched out by the time I hit the treadmill. For my strength workout, I started with wall throws, squats, lunge twists, kickbacks, push ups on the medicine ball, and kick outs. The next circuit was more core focused, doing roll outs, elevated hip lifts, hundreds, sit ups, mermaid raises, and Russian twists. This time on the treadmill, I ran at a steady pace, moving the speed up slightly every five minutes for 35 minutes.

Monday morning came early, but as always, I felt great after. I wanted to mix things up a bit with my dumbbell strength routine and my body was happy to be fooled. An elliptical workout was on tap for my cardio, knowing I would be doing quite a bit of body strength routines on the snowy days.

House ridden on Tuesday, I got my share of exercise shoveling. I also enjoyed an at home Yoga class, and a body strength workout of the routine I mentioned above, followed by a Plyometrics workout. For this, I do box jumps, jumping jacks, high knees, skater jumps, and jump rope. It leaves me very sweaty!

Though snow days are a great excuse to do some heavy relaxing and being productive around the house, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get some exercise in, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Pair something up with some shoveling, be creative, and then go back to reading by the fireplace or bingeing on Netflix. Heck,you can workout while bingeing on Netflix!


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