Here Comes the Snow…and the Food!

It seems that after a lack of snow this winter, we are about to get hit with it all. I’m half excited and half annoyed because I love a big snow storm, but the numbers being predicted on this one are huge.

Food last week started with these beautiful peanut butter pancakes. Full of whole grains, banana, pomegranates, peanut butter, and no added sugar, they were a healthy treat.


In the morning, these tortilla wraps are so quick, easy, and delicious. I toss in a tablespoon of peanut butter, half a chopped banana, and some chopped strawberries. Just like with hard-boiled eggs, it gets the metabolism running and keeps me energized, but not full for my workout.


I tried something a little different for my overnight oats. Instead of vanilla, I used almond extract, threw in shredded coconut, raisins, and chopped almonds.


I am a huge fan of using cottage cheese in my scrambled eggs. It makes it so creamy and adds an extra pop of protein. With toast and a bowl of fruit, I had a perfect meal.


After starting with another wrap, after my workout, I cooked up an egg over easy and made myself an egg and cheese sandwich. It’s so easy to assemble, but full of flavor and goodness.


Hard-boiled eggs are the easiest, most portable snack. After my workout, I grilled up some toast and even had time to toast up my coconut.



On one of the best days of the year, National a Peanut Butter Day, I made myself from French toast. Of course, I covered them with my chocolate peanut butters, some jelly, and toasted coconut. With a bowl of fruit, I was fueled through my afternoon of shoveling.


Though I would have enjoyed taking my time and making some poached eggs, I had quite a few errands to run in the morning on Sunday, so I settled on an English muffin with peanut butter, half a banana, and blueberries. It did the trick and got me through my errands and my workout. It kind of looks like a smiley face…


We have a favorite take out place where we get kebab Greek salads. I don’t know how they season their meat, but it’s the best. Usually I go with the chicken, but it was intrigued by the honey barbecue steak tips and they did not disappoint.


I like to plan out my lunches for the week in advance so that I don’t have to spend time at night or in the morning putting them together. This week, I cooked up a huge portion of sesame chicken stir fry and broke them up into dishes. With an assortment of veggies, I tossed the entree onto either whole wheat pasta or brown rice. This one was whole wheat pasta.


For a break in the week from my pre-scheduled lunches, I had a gyro with a side Greek salad. The pita bread and salad were the best parts, but it was still great.


Here’s more of the stir fry, this time over brown rice.


And one more again, over pasta.


Leftover pizza and a humongous salad!


At the back end of my errands, I stopped into Panera for a bowl of soup. I’m so sad to hear that they no longer serve whole grain baguettes. They made up for it by giving me a warm piece of bread.


Dinners started with a spinach salad with some rotisserie chicken on top. A piece of buttered toast nicely rounded out my meal.


I guess I forgot to take a picture of my next meal. It was a shrimp dish over whole wheat spaghetti and a ton of roasted veggies. It was a thing of beauty, but now you’ll never believe me.

Another salad, this time of the Greek variety with steak tips. I had baked up some sweat potato fries, but over salted them so they weren’t my finest. A piece of toast made it that much better.


Friday night, my meal came in pieces. I started with this huge salad, so that I got in my veggies. After, I tucked into my pizza and a few buffalo chicken wings. I had every intention of including a picture of the second part of dinner, but it seems I was over eager.


On the snowy evening, I grilled myself a burger, topping it with a piece of muenster and a side of veggies. For some reason, I am really digging the barbecue sauce lately, so I went with that as my condiment instead of the usual ketchup and mustard. English muffins are the best buns.


For a family Sunday dinner, my mom made chicken cordon bleu, along with some spinach rice, roasted squash, cauliflower, and broccoli. Excellent way to end the week!



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