It’s Food Time

It’s hard to believe that it’s already Monday because this long weekend flee by! I almost forgot to post for the week, but no worries, I remembered!Oatmeal is always a great start to the week! I particularly enjoy mine warmed over the stove top, swirled with peanut butter and lots of fruit.


I’m finding an egg and cheesestick is a perfect start for a morning workout. It’s enough to get those engines running without being overly filling. After, I enjoyed an egg sandwich that hit the spot!



It was another eggy start the next morning before going after some peanut butter toast. There’s nothing better than a warm, toasty breakfast on a cold morning.


I’ve learned the secret to scrambled eggs and it’s cottage cheese. It makes it so creamy and cheesy. Buttered toast and some fruit make the meal.


More oatmeal for a Friday morning, but this time with the luxury of toasted coconut. I’m not certain why it’s so good, but it is.


My first weekend morning breakfast were these poached eggs over toast with fruit. Delicious!


More toast and toasted coconut made a quick breakfast on Sunday morning. Simply excellent!


Finally, I found time to make my favorite peanut butter pancakes. This time I stuffed them with pomegranate seeds and they were amazing!


Soup and salad was on the menu on Monday morning. I’m both excited and nervous to realize that my grocery store sells Panera soup!


Leftover chicken pot pie with a serving of veggies made a great, quick lunch that came together seamlessly.


More leftovers, but this time it’s pizza and a salad I chopped quickly. Roasted red pepper pizza is the best kind of pizza.


Oh, look, more leftovers. This time, I went with a beautiful, fresh salad and a dish of macaroni and cheese. Gosh, do I love this Mac and cheese.



This sandwich was pretty okay. It’s a whole wheat pita stuffed with chicken, cheese, spinach, and tomato with a side of veggie sticks and popcorn.


After a hot yoga class, my friend Nouha and I went to Whole a Foods to grab lunch from the hot bar. I stuffed my plate with lots of veggies, macaroni and cheese, and chipotle lime chicken.


On Sunday, we went out for lunch with my Grandma. I got a burger and must have been hungry because I forgot to snap a picture.

For dinners, we started the night with a homemade chicken pot pie, corn, and some French fries.


Before going to my screenwriter’s class, I made a quick stir fry out of ingredients we already had in the fridge. It included chicken, veggies, rice, and some BBQ sauce.


My sister and her fiancé came over for a delicious, special dinner on Wednesday night. We enjoyed some short ribs, macaroni and cheese, and lots of roasted veggies.


This was kind of a weird assortment of foods for dinner. Grilled tilapia, a sausage, macaroni and cheese, and veggies.


It was a very special dinner celebration on Friday night when we celebrated my cousin Maura’s birthday! With amazing people, we ate something delicious calzones, salad, and birthday cake!


For whatever reason, I was craving hot dogs for dinner on Saturday night after my run. To keep things a touch healthy, I steamed some spinach and zucchini.


To go along with a huge Patriot’s win on Sunday, we celebrated game day at my neighbors’ house with a ton of appetizers and desserts. Sorry I forgot a picture, I was too busy watching the Colts get hammered.

Until next week!

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