The Stomach Is a Mysterious Thing

While I was all high and mighty about what a great, healthy week of eating I was about to have last week, a stomach bug was brewing. Pretty much from Tuesday afternoon to Friday, I didn’t eat much. When I did, I still tried to snap some pictures, so let’s see what it looks like.

Some overnight oats, after a quick hard-boiled egg before my workout, started off the week on a good note. It was the usual cinnamon, raisins, dates, walnuts, and banana and it was delicious.


Tuesday morning, I was feeling fine and enjoyed toast and peanut butter with no issues.


Trying to rally myself on Wednesday morning after quite a Tuesday evening, I stuffed down some buttered toast. It’s actually hard to process how someone could eat when you have no appetite, as it is difficult to imagine not eating every usual day.


This was an ambitious breakfast and was pretty much the only thing I ate until dinner later on. I felt like oatmeal would be mild on my stomach, but the peanut butter was probably still a little heavy.


More toast and peanut butter came on Friday because I was trying to stick to things I normally like to spark my appetite, but it still wasn’t ready yet.


You’ll learn soon enough that it was Friday night after a workout that got me hungry again, so Saturday morning, I was looking forward to these beautiful pancakes. Always delightful, fresh, and fruity.


Back to normal for certain, I enjoyed some poached eggs over honey wheat toast before heading out grocery shopping.


This salad was a hit with my taste buds on Monday. It was a typical, huge salad with some black beans on top, enjoyed with a whole wheat pita on the side.


I went with a repeat lunch on Tuesday and found that it was far more filling and less enjoyable than I remembered the day before. It wasn’t until an hour later that I realized the salad had nothing to do with my distaste for it.


During the day on Wednesday, I didn’t have anything to eat and just curled into my bed to sleep. Thursday, I was able to get down a piece of bread with some almond butter.


I was looking forward to some chicken noodle soup and crackers for lunch on Friday, but it didn’t hit the spot at all. It was flavorless and very sad, which left me sad and dissatisfied.


My last two lunches were a lunch/dinner combination thing. On Saturday, I headed over to my friend Katie’s apartment to watch the big Patriots game. We ordered an assortment of food, including a small pizza, Greek salad, and barbecue chicken fingers. I definitely enjoyed my share, but I found that even though my appetite returned, I didn’t feel it necessary to eat too much and was able to stop. This sickness actually brought something good! The next one, I’ll get to in a bit.

The first dinner of the week was teriyaki chicken, brown rice, mixed veggies, and a crab Rangoon. I gave my mom the second one on my plate because by the time I got to it, I was already stuffed.


My next dinner wasn’t until Wednesday night when I couldn’t help myself and braved a bit of my mom’s macaroni and cheese.


The next night, I had some more of that macaroni and cheese with a barbecue chicken drumstick and some cauliflower. I could eat and feel fine, but I wasn’t overly hungry.


Friday night, I got in my first workout after the bout with sickness and found I was starving by the time I got home. I chose mostly leftovers, but as I was preparing everything, my stomach growled so loudly, the dog barked at me. I went with even more macaroni and cheese, chicken strips, and stir fried vegetables.


My sister and her fiancée came over on Sunday after a workout and we enjoyed a lovely chicken dinner. We had roast chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, squash, Brussels sprouts, and peppers. Such a great end to what was a difficult week for my stomach!


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