I’m Going To Hypnotize You Into Commenting on My Blog

I didn’t intend to read books all written by the same author consecutively, but as it turns out, all the books I was on the wait list for came at once. The last one I finished last week was Liane Moriarty’s The Hypnotist’s Love Story.

Hypnotism is an interesting concept, which I might compare to something like Yoga or meditation because it has a lot of the same characteristics, at least how it’s described in the book. It’s one of those things where you focus on yourself and your deeper inner thoughts, which helps you to overcome problems or feel better.

I’ve sometimes thought it would be nice if I could be hypnotized into no longer having a sweet tooth or to become immune to overeating because that would be an easy out. The bigger part of me thinks that a life without chocolate isn’t a life at all, at least for me. I do think Yoga and meditation are beneficial and help to gain better control and perspective, but I wouldn’t want a blind fix.

I really enjoy how Moriarty writes characters. Many of them are flawed, even have huge flaws, but there is no simple definition of good or bad. Because she transitions between character perspectives, the reader understands all aspects of what is happening in the story, who the characters are, and how they connect to one another.

For The Hypnotist’s Love Story, there is a character who is stalking another. It would be easy to write her off as crazy, evil, and deranged, and yet, though what she is doing is an odd outlet, you feel sympathy for the reasons why. It’s more complicated than to believe that she is evil because she is doing the stalking and he is innocent because he is being stalked. Characterization is what draws me into a good novel. It’s the difference between seeing a person’s actions in real life and taking them at face value to understanding what makes a person who they are and what they do.

So often we run into problems with one another because we can’t understand another’s thought process. We can only hear our own, and even then, we don’t always understand that cycle. For all of Moriarty’s books I have read thus far, this has been a major consistency that makes me tear through them.

Right now, I am being extremely brave. I am reading a book in the same series as the book that shall not be named because I despised the ending so tremendously. Actually, this is the fifth book that, though it takes place in the same world as that first one, it transitions between different characters. I’m holding out that the author will write another one that ties that story up, but time will tell. I’ve read all of them so far and I will say that I enjoyed the rest of them and was relieved to see that the endings were just fine. Although, none of the mysteries were all that intriguing.

Since all the TV shows appear to be following the method of breaking the season into two parts, fall and spring, and are taking winter hiatuses, I’ve been able to really get into reading. My problem is that once I dive into a book, it’s hard for me to do anything else but read. This was all well and fine during the summer when I was on break, but now I have other things to do in my life and fewer hours to get them done. I just need to remember moderation is best for everything, though if I’m going to overdo anything, I suppose reading is harmless.

Since the holiday season and starting work, my writing, besides my blog which I’ve kept up with nicely, has fallen off a bit. I have all of these ideas floating around in my head, but when it comes to executing them, I fall short. Now that the holidays are over, it will be easier to get back into a regular routine that I will follow. If I can successfully make morning workouts a thing, then I certainly think I can aim to write 1000 words a day, especially because it’s something I love.

That smash-hit novel I want to write can’t get published just by my reflecting on it. The good news is that I’m not at a loss for ideas, so once I get myself to sit down, I’m hoping the words will flow.

Let’s try to get a topic of conversation going, what’s the last great book that you’ve read?

5 thoughts on “I’m Going To Hypnotize You Into Commenting on My Blog

  1. Anything by Maeve Binchey, especially her first book “Light a Penny Candle” any “Shell Seekers” by Rosalind Pilcher

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