Running Into 2015 Full Force

Workouts this week started with a Christmas Eve morning meeting with my brother and sister. I think I had mentioned that I went with them in last week’s edition, but to be honest, I wrote it beforehand, and then things didn’t work out (haha, pun), the way I intended.

Actually, we should go back to Tuesday when I thought I was going to an exercise class with my friend Nouha. Things didn’t go as planned and we didn’t make it in time for the class, so instead, we started on the bike for twenty minutes, did twenty more on the elliptical, then headed over to the stretch room to fit in some core work. When she left, I did a quick Plyometrics circuit to round out my workout.

On Wednesday, I had a nice sister’s workout planned, but she had other things to do to get ready for that night, so we only went through a strength workout. After she left, I hopped on the treadmill to run for twenty-five minutes, then do five minutes of sprints. I was nice and sweaty and ready for a big lunch once I finished.

Thursday was my scheduled rest day, but I did fit in a walk with my mom and the dog that afternoon.

I mixed things up a bit on Friday by doing the bike we have at home for thirty minutes, and actually built up quite a sweat, before a movie with my sister. Once I got home, I changed and headed out to the gym to fit in a kettlebell strength workout before the gym closed. Still feeling energized, I did another thirty minutes on the bike at home, while reading my book. It was better than just sitting on the couch!

Though I couldn’t believe it was only two days after Christmas, the weather was sunny and in the fifties around here on Saturday, so I was thrilled to get out there for a run. I did four miles of running before walking and enjoying another two of walking. I wore a light fleece jacket, but had taken that off two miles in and was only in a short-sleeved shirt. I should have just worn a long-sleeve shirt for a nice medium, but who knew it would even be that nice!

With my new Fitbit on my wrist, I went to the gym for a barbell strength routine. To mix things up a bit, I performed what my brother deemed a “pyramid” of reps and sets, starting with 12 reps, 10, 8, 6, 4, 4, increasing the weight as I decreased the reps. It was quite effective and I was sore, in a good way, once leaving.

I was actually surprised with how few steps I fit in throughout the day that started with grocery shopping, the gym, and not sitting for much time at all. I didn’t do much cardio, but still, I thought my numbers would be way up there! I guess this is why a Fitbit will be good for me!

It was back to the daily grind on Monday with a 5:00am wake up call. Nouha and I started off with a body strength circuit before hopping on the treadmill for a run. After a string of days sleeping in, it was quite a shock to hear that alarm go off!

On Tuesday, we were both able to sign up for the cycling class, so we started our day with that. Once it finished, I still had some time, so I opted to go through a Plyometrics circuit to add some extra cardio and strength training.

To celebrate New Year’s Eve, I started my workout at the gym with a dumbbell strength routine. After pushing those muscles, I headed home for a run outside. Even though it was cold, it was nice to feel the fresh air and to not keep looking at the time slowly click by like when I’m running on the treadmill. Many layers had to be worn to get me through not feeling too cold or overly warm. Running is balanced on such precision, not too much water, but just enough; not too much to eat, but just enough; not too cold, not too warm. It is worth it though!

It’s nice to end a year the way it started and knowing that I’ve dedicated time to maintaining no healthy lifestyle, growing stronger, healthier, and happier with every step! Have a great New Years everyone. Here’s to an even better, happier, healthier, and brighter 2015 for all of us.

See you next year!

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