Walking Decorations- Christmas Sweater Modeling

We are trying something new around here called Fashion Fridays. Trust me, I know I’m not a fashionista, but I do love clothes, so I thought I might show off a few outfits once in awhile. I can’t promise it as a weekly posting yet, mostly because I’ll probably forget to take a lot of pictures. It sounds a bit self-indulgent actually, but I have a fun one to start?

Dangle a bit of fame in front of people and you can get them to do quite a bit. As promised in my last post, I attempted to get my family to model my mother’s collection of Christmas sweaters at our family dinner/tree decorating festivities and they did.

I set the tone the night before by inquiring about their interest in participating in a favor I had. Because some people are not the best responders when it comes to texting, I also said I took their silence as an affirmative answer, and somehow they all answered quickly.

After dinner, they were slow to rise from the table, but once their assigned sweaters were comfortably worn, it gave them new life. In fact, none of them took theirs off until it was time to leave or go to bed. I suspect the spirit of Christmas graced them through these fluorescent, jingling sweaters and we are all better for it.

Here we have our cutest participator, Mac. He chose the Grinch sweatshirt as the white shown brightly off of his fur, it’s durability allowed him to roll up his sleeves, and the fact that the Grinch has a pet dog himself in the movie. He did not want to take this off and he usually frets over any clothing in which we try to adorn him.


Next we find this happy couple, my brother Jimmy and his girlfriend Cait. While Cait was an eager model, Jimmy needed some convincing at first. He bypassed the sweater I had preselected for him to choose this far more mild one and put it around his shoulders. College has made him preppier.


A nicer picture by the still bare Christmas tree.


Nick, my sister Lauren’s fiancée, didn’t blink an eye as he put on this award winning sweater and joined Jimmy and Cait by the tree.


As Jimmy and Lauren went to the kitchen to make some hot chocolate, Cait and Nick took a completely candid photo admiring my manger scene.


Yes, I too took part in the festivities.


Cait loved the candy cane! And the camera.


Finally, we’ve found Lauren with her steaming mugs of chocolate.


I do believe this picture should go on the wedding album.


My mom, who is Christmas spirit didn’t have to put on a sweater because she was already wearing one! She is also an excellent gift wrapper. Note, I had asked her for a basket the night before and she said she didn’t have one.


Group shot! Jimmy warmed up to the idea of the sweaters and finally put on the one I had picked for him. The faux fur collar suits him.


It’s a good thing I have a big head because it would be hard to see me squeezing in the back here.


It’s always necessary to get a picture around the fireplace, that wasn’t on, and the beautiful mantelpiece, surrounded by decorations.


I couldn’t end without another solo shot of the golden child himself.


And an extra, extremely humble final picture of me with my favorite ornament, verifying my proudest moment.


You’re welcome.

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