Random Thoughts With No Real Connection

I wrote a fun little blog post last week discussing various things on my mind, scheduled it to post the next morning, and found it had disappeared. This, I can say with fact, was not my fault. For whatever reason, the post did not want to go viral. I believe it kept me from the fame I deserve.

Since it is absolutely freezing outside, I will return to my point I had made about my heated blanket I purchased. It is absolutely delightful to curl under the covers and be surrounded by warmth. For whatever reason, no matter how many blankets I keep on my bed, I go to bed frigid. My body apparently runs very cold- I attribute this to my muscle. Later on in the night, I always wake up hot, but it’s easier to fall asleep cocooned in blankets, especially heated ones.

At least, that would be the case as I imagine it. Someone has taken to jumping up on the bed before I can get in and taking up the entire blanket. That someone would be named Bandit Mittens my feline friend. He is so fluffy and I’m lucky when I can get a toe under there. I fully understand that there are worse troubles to be had in this life, but I thought I’d point out my minor indignities.


Last week, I was also battling a sore throat that had nothing to do with being sick. Sure, I had a touch of the sniffles and sneezed a lot, but that’s just a part of my everyday life. My sore throat originated from my new hobby I attribute to my commute. When I drive, I like to sing, very loudly. I don’t much care about what people might think as they drive past me. It puts me in my happy place, especially after a good workout that gets my day going. Side effects of such action include a tickle in the throat, a squeak of the voice, and the inability to hit the high notes (ok, I can’t hit the high notes anyways). Still, the show goes on, as it must!

At the moment, I am a tad overwhelmed by the amount of books I had placed on hold falling into my lap. I am already balancing two books, neither which I have finished, which is why this is not the usual Rave Review thing. I’m trying to incorporate more nonfiction into my literary diet and have started with Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. I’ve heard mixed reviews thus far, but am not in deep enough to make my own opinion. I think it’s very important for women to gain confidence in their professional lives because this is something I struggle with on every level. Hopefully, the contents of the book will inspire me as such. The other is a more fun option by Liane Moriarty whose work I have liked before very much. More to come soon on both fronts!

I truly believe I missed my calling to play in the MLB. Imagine that your biggest concern in life is where to pitch based on a hundred plus million dollars. Listen, I love me some baseball, Jon Lester, and the Red Sox, but when is it time to say enough is ENOUGH on the money front?! It’s actually disgusting, especially with all of the problems this world faces, that the disparity in salary is so high among people. I would like to negotiate such contracts in my life, but for some reason, no one wants me to pitch for their team. Rude. I’ll come win you a championship, Chicago, if you give me that kind of money for it. That being said, I hope the Red Sox sign back Lester, within reason- though at this point, why bother with the particulars of the $-just consider it a butt ton.

Check in tomorrow to learn how I’m handling my transition to morning workouts. Hint, it’s cold and dark, but thus far, it’s remained that way all night and day anyways.

Ugh, too much unintentional rhyme.


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