Tis The Season of Thankfulness

For this week’s Rave Review Tuesday, I’m going to write up my second monthly reflection of gratitude. November, and Thanksgiving in particular, is the time for thankfulness, but I do try to make an effort and be more grateful as much as possible.

I got to start this month off celebrating my sister’s birthday, which is always fun. Since it was Halloween, you get to see us dressed in costume, me as Elsa, her as Ernie.


A week later, I was fortunate to celebrate my own birthday with my closest family and friends. 25 is both an exciting and scary time because you can see flashes of the rest of your life, but still have no idea what you’re doing or who you are in this world. Perhaps, the answer to these questions lies in the realization that one will never have the answers, but knowing you need to be equipped with skills, passions, and the yearning for learning as we live through experiences life offers. I’ve no idea.


This month, I was also fortunate to find employment, which will make the holiday season easier. It’s also exciting to learn new skills and interests, while honing the ones I already possess. I am someone who thrives off of routine and being organized and I think this new responsibility can only be good for me.

Thanksgiving is another obvious thing to be grateful for. I know there are many perspectives on the history and meaning behind Thanksgiving, but for me, it’s a day that my big family comes together to celebrate, eat, and be merry. Our day (and night) was filled with a lot of laughs, pie, and sarcastic banter, either playing games or just talking around the kitchen. We are very fortunate to have full bellies, warm homes, and happy and healthy hearts. To all still be together and have the opportunity to celebrate on such a day is a blessing, which I don’t think I have the full capacity to appreciate, but I do try.


One of my favorite things to do is to go clothes shopping. My mom and I love the outlets because there are a variety of store options- you never know which one will be a hit or miss- and sales. Oh, the sales! One thing that my mom should have bought, but didn’t, were these hilarious reindeer eyes and ears.


Sometimes the movies, or whatever else you want to see, doesn’t quite live up to expectations or turn out so-so, but the people you go with are important. I very much appreciate the fact that my cousins have become my friends, whether we go see a movie or head out shopping. We always have a fun time and laugh a lot.


Good music is in the ear of the beholder! It has the power to alter moods, inspire ideas and feelings, and heal. Kristin Chenoweth often says that she sings when she can’t speak anymore, and I really agree- although my singing doesn’t sound quite as good. Just listening to music, many of your choosing, is a blessing of life. And I won’t deny that I’ve started listening to Christmas music, which just gets me into the spirit of the holiday!


Another thing that gets the spirit of the season flowing: snow on the ground and decorations all over the house. To be fair, snow is fun during the holiday season and for the first one or two blizzards, but then shoveling becomes a daily thing and everyone grows stir crazy, so by the time spring comes around, we are all bitter and biting and missing the sun.



November has been very good to me and I have positive feelings going into December. I wish everyone an amazing month!

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