Running Into 2015 Full Force

Workouts this week started with a Christmas Eve morning meeting with my brother and sister. I think I had mentioned that I went with them in last week’s edition, but to be honest, I wrote it beforehand, and then things didn’t work out (haha, pun), the way I intended.

Actually, we should go back to Tuesday when I thought I was going to an exercise class with my friend Nouha. Things didn’t go as planned and we didn’t make it in time for the class, so instead, we started on the bike for twenty minutes, did twenty more on the elliptical, then headed over to the stretch room to fit in some core work. When she left, I did a quick Plyometrics circuit to round out my workout.

On Wednesday, I had a nice sister’s workout planned, but she had other things to do to get ready for that night, so we only went through a strength workout. After she left, I hopped on the treadmill to run for twenty-five minutes, then do five minutes of sprints. I was nice and sweaty and ready for a big lunch once I finished.

Thursday was my scheduled rest day, but I did fit in a walk with my mom and the dog that afternoon.

I mixed things up a bit on Friday by doing the bike we have at home for thirty minutes, and actually built up quite a sweat, before a movie with my sister. Once I got home, I changed and headed out to the gym to fit in a kettlebell strength workout before the gym closed. Still feeling energized, I did another thirty minutes on the bike at home, while reading my book. It was better than just sitting on the couch!

Though I couldn’t believe it was only two days after Christmas, the weather was sunny and in the fifties around here on Saturday, so I was thrilled to get out there for a run. I did four miles of running before walking and enjoying another two of walking. I wore a light fleece jacket, but had taken that off two miles in and was only in a short-sleeved shirt. I should have just worn a long-sleeve shirt for a nice medium, but who knew it would even be that nice!

With my new Fitbit on my wrist, I went to the gym for a barbell strength routine. To mix things up a bit, I performed what my brother deemed a “pyramid” of reps and sets, starting with 12 reps, 10, 8, 6, 4, 4, increasing the weight as I decreased the reps. It was quite effective and I was sore, in a good way, once leaving.

I was actually surprised with how few steps I fit in throughout the day that started with grocery shopping, the gym, and not sitting for much time at all. I didn’t do much cardio, but still, I thought my numbers would be way up there! I guess this is why a Fitbit will be good for me!

It was back to the daily grind on Monday with a 5:00am wake up call. Nouha and I started off with a body strength circuit before hopping on the treadmill for a run. After a string of days sleeping in, it was quite a shock to hear that alarm go off!

On Tuesday, we were both able to sign up for the cycling class, so we started our day with that. Once it finished, I still had some time, so I opted to go through a Plyometrics circuit to add some extra cardio and strength training.

To celebrate New Year’s Eve, I started my workout at the gym with a dumbbell strength routine. After pushing those muscles, I headed home for a run outside. Even though it was cold, it was nice to feel the fresh air and to not keep looking at the time slowly click by like when I’m running on the treadmill. Many layers had to be worn to get me through not feeling too cold or overly warm. Running is balanced on such precision, not too much water, but just enough; not too much to eat, but just enough; not too cold, not too warm. It is worth it though!

It’s nice to end a year the way it started and knowing that I’ve dedicated time to maintaining no healthy lifestyle, growing stronger, healthier, and happier with every step! Have a great New Years everyone. Here’s to an even better, happier, healthier, and brighter 2015 for all of us.

See you next year!

Memory, Well, It’s A Fascinating Concept

I was excited when I came off the wait list for Liane Moriarty’s What Alice Forgot because I’ve heard excellent things about the film version. I didn’t know much about the plot going in and my initial thought was it was about a person who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

The book starts out with a woman who has fallen at her gym and regained consciousness, thinking it was ten years ago and that’s she’s pregnant with her first child. Past this, I won’t go further to spoil the plot, but I find it an intriguing and terrifying concept to discuss.

From the movies (and books) the concept of hitting your head and suffering amnesia is a romantic concept, of which I have fallen prey. Not that I’ve ever lost my memory, but the idea of it hooks me in and gets me thinking, which is a mark of an effective plot device.

I often joke that if I ever lose my memory, the first thing I want my family to do for me is read Harry Potter because I’ll never have a chance to relive them as something new. If you really think about it, it’s not a light concept at all because there are so many terrible ways one can lose their memory, and never gain it back, and there are many unanticipated repercussions of realizing you’ve lost a few years of your life.

As someone who believes I have been suffering a quarter-life crisis of sorts, I sometimes think longingly of ten years from now, when I’m 35 and may seemingly have my life sorted out. It’s scary and difficult to start out on a career path that will consume and define so much of who you are. It’s also hard to try new things and go on exciting adventures because of time, money, and expectations.

One thing I have learned from hearing stories on the news, in my town, or personally, is that life really is so short. Anything can happen at any time that makes the small, daily trials and tribulations seem so small. It’s far too easy to get caught up in obstacles that life throws at you and to believe that the world is against you. Sometimes, it probably is, but I can’t claim that belief. As many tragic, terrible things there are in this world, there are also magnificent ones. In my tiny shell, I’ve been blessed with good fortune and seemingly smallish problems, and I try to focus on the good, while recognizing there is bad in the world.

It would be, seemingly, very easy for me to fall asleep right now and wake up ten years later to find what has happened to me. There a multitude of directions my life may take me, depending on so many different circumstances, happenstances, and choices I, or someone else may make, to get me there, or not. It would be easy and somewhat nice to wake up and find that I’ve met my soulmate (Chris Evans, waiting on you), bought a house, am succeeding in a career, pursue hobbies, travel, am fit and strong, etc, etc. I won’t even go into the bad things that may lie at my feet or the people and moments I may have missed losing.

Despite if I’ll be thrilled, mournful, exhausted, or a variety of a million different emotions in ten years on, I don’t want to wake up one day and find that I’ve reached that point, at least with no memory of how it happened. I want those ten years of memories. I want the hard moments where I feel as though I want to pull out my hair, cry myself to sleep, or feel such pressure of anxiety building in my chest, that I might explode. I also want those pure moments of happiness with loved ones, laughter, and love coursing through me. I want all the firsts, the lasts, and the in-betweens; the stress, relief, and rush of the unknown; I want to have gotten to a place of success, or failure, from the blood, sweat, and tears, that I remember with such poignance and purpose.

It’s not necessarily just what happens to us that makes us who we are, puts us where we are, defines what we are, how we do things, or why, but the processes, the actions and the evidence we put forward, that provide us with the wrinkles, scars, and memories.

I don’t think we can appreciate anything of substance without realizing how it came to be. Some things are serendipitous, though that is a definite opinion. I believe that everything happens for a reason, but with the condition that we have led ourselves to that point with choices, actions, mistakes, and purpose. Some things happen to us and for us that we have no control over, depending on where we are born, when, and to whom. We are so dependent on how other people act, believe, and live their lives, that it’s no wonder the world can be such a scary place to live.

Christmastime in particular motivates me to watch the old tapes my parents filmed of me and my siblings when we were older. Time is such an odd concept to me because in any particular moment, people are living and breathing and doing so vividly and then all but the memory, if that, exists. People disappear, no matter how real and alive they seemed. Time passes and surroundings are altered and we stop for a second and we look around or we think back and we say, how did it get to this place? Time is both terrifying and thrilling, burdensome and healing, temporary and everlasting.

It’s funny how time can change perspectives in a second, minute, hour, day, week, year, ten, twenty, fifty, hundred, a lifetime. No matter what lays ahead, no matter how scary, we are going to eventually reach that point, or we won’t. Sometimes it takes a moment of courage and a deep breath, but we try to live in the present, to appreciate and remember even then, with the anticipation of what might be coming next.

All of these thoughts, this is what a good book with an interesting storyline does. It inspires thinking and reflection. This very blog post is the product of quality entertainment because it places you within something bigger and more meaningful.

Christmas Week, Calories Shouldn’t Count

The days leading up to Christmas seem a lifetime ago, but Christmas, and the restful days after, passed by in a blur. As you can probably tell, I love everything that has to do with Christmas and I’m sad to see it is over. There is just something wonderful about the entire holiday season and now we all have a long, cold winter ahead of us. I can’t complain though because I have many exciting things ahead this year.

As much as I’m sad to see it go, and at least there’s New Years to ease back into a regular routine, I’m also ready to kick my healthy eating plan into gear. Here’s a look back at what I ate- meals wise at least- this week.

Pre- and post- workout meals were very similar on Monday. While it kept me energized beforehand, it wasn’t quite enough to fill me up after, so I was looking forward to an early lunch.



First thing Tuesday morning, I had an egg and a cheesestick. In my rush, I didn’t get a picture since I was meeting my friend at the gym a bit earlier than usual. After getting ready for the day, I sat down with a bowl of overnight oats stuffed with raisins, dates, banana, and walnuts and a combination of sweet strawberries and blueberries.


Christmas Eve morning, I got up to get to the gym, anticipating quite a bit of eating later on in the day. Both my brother and sister came with me, my brother did his own thing, while I led my sister through a strength workout- more on workouts later this week as usual. In order to fuel our workouts, my mom made us some poached eggs over toast. Always so tasty!


Christmas morning, after opening presents, my family sat down for a breakfast full of eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, coffee, and mimosas. I was certain I had gotten a picture, but in my enthusiasm, I forgot. It was delicious and quite lovely.

Having consumed a large number of eggs in the past few days, I was up for my peanut butter pancakes on Friday. I hadn’t had them in awhile, so I was very excited to labor over them, taking my time, and enjoying every bite.


I took full advantage of not having to be anywhere in the mornings these past few days and grilled up some French toast. Adding pumpkin into the batter sweetens things up without sugar and lends a nice thickness to the finished product. Of course, the peanut butter, jelly, and toasted coconut also livened up the flavor.


I finished off my week of breakfasts with more poached eggs over toast. One of the yolks fell out into the pan, but it still tasted delicious. And that fruit was so juicy.


For my first lunch, I made a big salad with tons of veggies, feta, and grilled chicken. Full of vibrant flavor.


I had a salad packed for Tuesday, which I ate to fit in my veggies, but at work, we had a little buffet of sorts with some soup, Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and chicken. I ate my share and was quite stuffed!


For Christmas Eve lunch, we start our celebrations with a meal out at a local restaurant. It’s so nice to sit together and reminisce in some peaceful moments before the rush at Christmas Eve night- which is also magical. I chose the surf and turf with a salad to start. My steak was not entirely cooked, but I ate half and really enjoyed the stuffed shrimp and baked potato!


After a breakfast feast, and anticipating another at dinner, I settled for a piece of toast with peanut butter and a bowl of cereal at lunch to tide me over. Sorry no pictures!

Before meeting my sister to see a movie on Friday, I chopped up a big salad with veggies and chicken. I had a piece of buttered toast and a small cup of cheesy potatoes on the side.


After a run in the beautiful, odd December weather, I fixed myself an odd assortment of foods for lunch. Pictured is another serving of cheesy potatoes, celery with a tablespoon of almond butter and raisins, and after I remembered it was in there, a spoonful of the buffalo chicken dip I concocted for Christmas Eve on a piece of toast. Hit the spot!


That steak that wasn’t fully cooked faired much better in my lunch stir fry on Sunday. I threw that into a pan with some zucchini, peppers, and mushrooms, tossed it all in a Thai peanut sauce, and served with rice. So good and filling for my afternoon workout!


For the first dinner of the week, we had grilled tilapia with broccoli and pasta. I sprinkled hot sauce on the veggies and fish and kept my pasta simple with butter and Parmesan.


One of my family’s favorite meals is this spinach salad. We marinate chicken breast in Italian dressing, grill it, then toss it in with spinach, walnuts, dried craisins, and poppyseed dressing. I try to add a few more veggies like peppers and cucumbers to make it even fuller.


Christmas Eve, there was an assortment of food, including a buffalo chicken dip I made, that was basically different kinds of cheese with a side of chicken. For my meal, I went with my mom’s homemade stuffed shells, a meatball, a big serving of salad, a slurp of my sister’s chili, and a small piece of chicken.


Christmas dinner is really all about the cheesy potatoes. We start with appetizers my mom makes, including spinach and artichoke dip, stuffed mushrooms, and crabbies. For dinner, I went with a small piece of roast beef, Brussels sprouts and squash, some green bean casserole, a roll, and two heaping servings of cheesy potatoes. Listen, I get them once a year, so of course I’m going to stuff my face. Thanks Auntie Bea!


After a workout the next night, I was looking for something warm for dinner. I went with a grilled cheese with a slice of ham and some veggie sticks on the side.


After some shopping on Saturday night- I got a fitbit!- I got dinner with my parents. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant because they have the best chips and salsa. For my entree, I got the blackened salmon salad with a black bean, pepper, and corn salsa and lime vinegarette. So good! It’s my absolute favorite salmon dish.


To end the week, we had roasted chicken stuffed with stuffing and a cranberry glaze, with a side of roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and squash.


I know my meals look fairly healthy, which is key to maintaining healthy habits during the holiday season, but I didn’t document the my mount of cookies I have consumed the past week. When there’s sweets in my house, they somehow find their way to my mouth!

To All Who Celebrate and Those Who Don’t

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Many Blessings, or simply Well Wishes. I love my family and I am so happy to be blessed to share with them once again these memories. That, to me, is the most important part of Christmas- that doesn’t have to do with religious purposes.

I hope you all are just as lucky, but I won’t pretend there is not painful strife and suffering in this world. It’s all the more reason to love, be grateful, but attentive to this world and all that it offers, good and bad.

Enjoy, indulge, but don’t forget.

Merry Christmas!

The Ab Roller Is Actually Evil

This weekend, I was nursing sore calves and painful abs. I had the brilliant idea of ending my Friday workout with the ab roller, which I’ve never done before and in the moment, it was too bad. It wasn’t until I woke up on Saturday that I realized how much it hurt. I must have been doing it wrong and it will be quite awhile until I try it again.

Look at it lying there innocently.


Last Thursday, which is where we begin our new week of workouts for blog purposes, I actually enjoyed my rest day. I have mixed feelings about taking a week day for rest because I’ve noticed I start off on a better note when I wake up and fit in my workout, but I also like working out on the weekends when I have more time. I’ll see how it goes as I progress.

I was feeling rejuvenated on Friday and started things off with a kettlebell sequence. I went through two circuits, one with swings, goblet squat dead lifts, elbow to knee shoulder presses, high lifts, and lunging arrow twists, and the other with kickback rows, tricep pullovers on the stability ball, mermaid raises, hundred leg lifts, and Russian twists. After, I moved onto an assortment of moves, starting with box jumps, wall throws, push ups, mountain climbers, and hip lifts on the ball. I finished with six minutes of jump roping and sprints on the treadmill, which left my calves sore.

I realized the affects of the previous workout the next day. I think I might have been fighting something because I woke up tired and disoriented and never really settled into things. I did attempt a run on the treadmill when I got to the gym, but I found I had to go between running and walking, and after forty minutes, I felt blah. I was considering doing an ab or Yoga workout to accompany it, but my calves and abs were still sore, so I listened to my body and just relaxed.

After shopping and eating lunch on Sunday, I dragged my tired butt to the gym. I wasn’t excited about the workout, but once I got going, I woke up and felt so much better! I love what that happens. I went through my favorite barbell strength routine before finishing off with some box jumps and jump roping. My calves were feeling much better and though I still felt a bit of a twinge in my abs when I laid down or sat up for my bench presses, I got through my four minutes of planking without pain. And no, it wasn’t four minutes at once, for the record.

Monday, excited that it’s Christmas week, I got up easily. I met Nouha and started off with a body strength workout complete with step ups, tricep dips, plié squats, lunges, kickbacks, push ups, mountain climbers, mermaid raises, hip lifts, hundreds to v ups, bicycle crunches, and Russian twists. We moved onto a short, but refreshing Yoga sequence with planks, side planks, a reverse plank, full bridge, and shoulder stand. Now stretched and warmed up, we moved to the treadmill where I squeezed in a half an hour run that was much better than the one I forced myself through on Saturday.

I wanted to mix things up a bit, now that I admit that trying to swim on weekday mornings is stressful. Nouha and I went to an early morning cycling class that was good because I can never rev myself up like that on the bike on my own. I actually really loved Soul Cycle the time I went in New York, but it’s far too expensive for me to go on the regular. This was a fine substitute and I had enough time leftover to go upstairs and fit in a dumbbell strength routine before starting my day.

Even though it’s Christmas Eve, expecting and completely accepting the food and wine intake later on, I got myself to the gym for a quick run on the treadmill since it’s pouring outside. My sister met up with me to try the barre class my gym offers and we had fun working out together, earning our indulgences!

One of My Three Wishes Would Be Better Endings

A couple of months ago, I read and reviewed Liane Moriarty’s The Husband’s Secret. I really enjoyed it and promptly put a bunch of her books on hold on my e-reader. I believe this was closer to the summer and I forgot about it, until two of them came off hold at the same time. It’s actually good this happened because even though I absolutely love reading, I go on tears where I can’t do anything else and then I stop altogether. This forced me to pick up reading again, so that I didn’t have to wait for them again.

Moriarty’s Three Wishes was first to pop up under my account and I was excited to get started. The book starts off with a moment ahead of most of the action, introducing a group of triplets who get into an explosive argument. We don’t learn which of the triplets do or say what in this first instance as the purpose of the novel is to learn as we go along.

The triplets all have different personalities that grow deeper as we read further. It’s always interesting to see different dynamics between siblings in stories, but it’s an entirely new level when there are triplets. Twins, I would guess, pop up more in books because that’s also an intriguing, slightly mysterious dynamic that makes for interesting story lines. While the sisters are close, they also have their differences, which I think is relatable. Going back and forth between the three perspectives moved things along and helped allow me to like all of them. The side characters also made for interesting plot points and I wish we got to know them, or what they did for the story, a little more so I could dive in deeper.

Moriarty is a great storyteller and kept me captivated throughout, but I was able to guess the major story lines way ahead of them actually happening, so I wasn’t all that surprised. Of course, I won’t reveal them and they were still interesting, but the way they were tied together, they were predictable. I give her credit though because I still wanted to keep reading and enjoyed the book.

If you read my Tuesday rave reviews regularly, then you know I have a volatile relationship with endings. My favorite ending of any book, movie, tv show, musical, etc. was from the film, Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood. This is actually surprising to myself because that is not my typical movies and I only went because it was family night. I expected to be bored, but I sat on the edge of the seat enjoying every moment. The ending, which I won’t talk about because I think you should see it, absolutely gutted me. I don’t know of I was extra emotional at the time, but that ending really affected and satisfied me on a profound level that hasn’t been reached before. Odd, I know. We have already heard of the worst ending possible for me in the novel In The Woods that I threw across the room. I don’t need anything tied up in a neat little bow, in fact, I prefer that it’s not, but I do expect some sort of resolution rather than simply, eh.

Three Wishes was neutral on my spectrum of endings. It was not explosive in either regard, I didn’t hate it or love it. I also wasn’t sad it was over even though I enjoyed it. I’m excited to read the next book of hers on my queue, What Alice Forgot because Julianne Moore stars in the film version and she’s always great in whatever she does.

Christmas time is actually a great time to catch up on reading because there are relaxing moments in between all the fun (at least how I celebrate).

Tis The Season for Eating- Have I Said That Already?

I’ve been really into Taylor Swift’s new song, Blank Spaces, and I’ve been singing really loudly in the car during my commute. It’s lucky no one can hear me because I was certain that she was singing something about “Starbucks” lovers until I read online by happenstance that it was “long list of ex-lovers.” It shouldn’t seem like those should sound alike, but when you next hear the song, listen for it, and you’ll hear it too!

What a week of eating it has been. I was not practicing what I preach, but it’s in the past, cannot be changed, and therefore I can only look forward. It is so hard when everyone wants to go out to eat or normal routines get interrupted. Overall, I don’t think I did too bad, but I didn’t feel my best, which means there was room for improvement.

Remember, the holidays are hard with all the celebrating and food is a big piece of that. If you can aim to eat well and exercise properly most of the time and get yourself back into a strong routine after, it will be fine! I remind myself of this every day.

The week started off on the right note with a delicious bowl of baked oatmeal, stuffed with dark chocolate peanut butter, banana, blueberries, and raspberries. It’s quite a dark picture.


This egg and cheesestick was a great pre-workout fueler. I followed up my workout with an amazing egg and cheese sandwich with a piece of bacon and some berries on top.



Warm peanut butter toast got me up and moving the next morning. After my workout, I looked towards this chilled bowl of overnight oats that helped me refuel. It was full of walnuts, raisins, and banana.


Thursday morning, I had a day off from the gym and plenty of time to make a big breakfast for myself. I hadn’t gotten to make my favorite peanut butter pancakes in what feels like a long time, so I was so happy to wake up to these. I threw a generous handful of blueberries into my batter and served the cakes with more peanut butter, toasted coconut, a smear of jelly, and raspberries.


I should have snapped a picture before I wrapped this bad boy up, but I can assure you it was filled with peanut butter, banana, and chopped strawberries, and it was so good! When I got home from the gym, my mom a as off from work for the day so she was kind enough to poach me up an egg. I got so excited, I forgot a picture!


Saturday morning, I woke up drowsy and off my game. I scarfed down some eggs and toast, both over done, before heading out to try on bridesmaid dresses! It was very exciting and I can’t wait to show you all….in June! At least the food looks edible here.


This breakfast was much nicer before my mom and I headed out grocery shopping, which wasn’t that bad! I could eat poached eggs every single morning. They are so buttery and delicious and healthy!


Lunch started with leftover curry. I threw in chickpeas, snap peas, carrots, peppers, and mushrooms over brown rice. It was a delicious, warming bowl in the middle of a cold afternoon.


You are going to be quite bored of my lunches this week. On Sunday, I stirred up a big batch of black beans, brown rice, chopped veggies, and marinara sauce. It was very tasty, filling, and quick, but boring.


I guess I wasn’t as boring as I thought. One of the days, I added some tilapia on top, which was a pleasant surprise to the taste buds.

Ok, this getting awkward. The next day, I actually chose leftover macaroni and cheese over the rice and beans. I kept things healthy by throwing another piece of tilapia and some veggies on top. I actually ate the fish and veggies in a different bowl because I don’t like anything messing with my Mac and cheese, regardless of how good it might taste.


The next day at lunchtime I had a Chinese food luncheon and didn’t remember to take a picture. I splurged on all the favorites like lo mein, general gau chicken, and crab Rangoon. It tasted delicious, but I felt off afterwards and I’m not sure why.

As I mentioned, I went out with my sister and all the bridesmaids to get our dresses. After, we stopped at TGIFridays for what turned out to be a long lunch because of terrible service. To go along with our celebratory bottle of wine, I chose the grilled chicken marinated in soy sauce, over spinach, yellow squash, mushrooms, and a side of tomato and mozzarella salad. It was very flavorful and I’m hoping a healthy option! Those types of restaurants can be difficult, especially with so many overwhelmingly tempting options, but I tried to aim for lots of veggies and grilled options.


On Sunday, my mom and I finished our holiday shopping at my new favorite store, The Loft! I am obsessed with their clothes and it can be hard to contain myself. On the way home, we stopped to pick up a bite to eat. I went with this grilled chicken salad that had so much chicken, I put the leftovers in my lunch the next day. The place we went to also happens to have excellent pizza, so I got myself a slice to accompany the salad.


The week for dinners started off at a nice function at a steak house. I opted for a small piece of steak, want ever kind of fish this was- it was good!-, Caesar salad, green beans, yummy mashed potatoes, and a dinner roll. I can’t help myself. I love dinner rolls. I’m not ashamed.


This tilapia was excellent smothered in a lemon pepper seasoning. I enjoyed it with a cheesy baked potato, a zucchini and pepper mixture, broccoli, and half an egg roll.


For the big Christmas tree decorating ceremony, we all enjoyed massive amounts of Mac and cheese. As my maid of honor duties entail, I supported my sister by also trying the gluten free option and it wasn’t bad. Teriyaki chicken, Brussels sprouts, peppers, and squash were also delicious, but were really the side pieces to the main event.


My brother was quite mad for this next meal because I stepped away from the stove, leaving my quesadilla to grill to perfection, while he stayed in front of his, rapt with attention and burned it three times over. I don’t know what to say, luck was on my side with this meal. Grilled steak, cheese, and peppers made this meal.


Friday night meant another holiday party. I enjoyed homemade potato chips, brushetta made with sweet pickles, and an incredible arugula salad made with red and yellow tomatoes, corn, and Parmesan cheese. I went with a cheeseburger without the bun and more salad on the side instead of fries to make up for all those potato chips I couldn’t stop eating. The meal wo as complete with a bite-sized piece of cheesecake. Sorry, no pictures! I was bad this week remembering to get them!

More leftover Mac and cheese was my dinner on Saturday night after a bit of a fail at the gym. I also had some leftover Brussels sprouts, peppers, zucchini, and squash with a splash of hot sauce to keep things interesting. Notice how the two parts are separate.


After a big lunch on Sunday, I wasn’t starving. I opted for half a grilled cheese sandwich and cup of soup that hit the spot! Have a great week of eating, regardless of what you do or don’t celebrate!