Help, My Lip Is Growing and Other Weekend Adventures

In my world of weird, I fell into bed the other night after a long writing session. Sleep was calling to me and I was gladly falling for it until my lip started tingling.

You know that moment when you’re hovering between consciousness and being submerged in sleep? Everything feels distorted and you doubt the real ness of things. Well, at first, I thought my tingling lip was a figment on my imagination, but then I realized my upper lip was actually growing.

I don’t know if I bit it or what, but I had to get out of bed, pop a Bendryl to quell the swelling and make sure it wasn’t an allergic reaction to anything, ice it, and tell my mom in case it was something serious. When I woke up- thankfully- I still had a bad case of half of my upper lip being plump and the other a thin line. I seriously considered thinking this was going to be how I looked the rest of my life, thinking that all of my upper lip fat fell into one half of it. My mom’ slaughter assured me this was not the case.


It’s not exactly how I wanted to look during my shopping trip, so I was glad after a couple minutes of straight icing brought it back down to normal.

To recap my weekend, I started off Friday with a workout and lunch out with my friend Molly. That night, I dedicated a lot of time for writing, while enjoying some Gilmore Girls and one of those single-servings of Haagen Daz ice cream.

Saturday included my mom and I arriving to the outlets an hour before they opened due to a scheduling conflict- two sources online providing conflicting hours. It was quite a productive day of the best sort- clothes!- but shopping is also exhausting so I wasn’t looking to do anything extravagant that night.

To relax, I went to see Mockingjay, the latest Hunger Games films with my cousin Mikey. Let me tell you, I was not a huge fan of the third book because I found big parts of it to be boring and I had a problem with how the heroine acted through it, but this half of the book was exciting on screen! I think I hit Mikey at one point because I was so nervous. It was a fun night that started with dinner and funny times. Sorry you had to miss it, cough Erin and Jimmy.

To end my Saturday, I got into another strong roll of my writing and went to bed later than I should have. When it flows, you can’t stop writing!

Sunday, I woke up and got right to work after breakfast. In college, Sundays were always my organization and homework day. I am big into production, however nerdy that might seem. This fascinating day included folding laundry and introducing my closest to my beautiful new clothes. After, I got things organized for the week, including chopping up a ton of veggies to be thrown into lunches and dinners with ease. Prepping as much food on Sunday makes things a ton easier throughout the week. One of the biggest downfalls to healthy eating is convenience. Sometimes eating healthier takes more time or will be ignored if you have a choice between options right in front of you. So I make it convenient when I have the time! While digesting my lunch before my workout, I got in even more writing time.

Listen, I am a big fan of rest, relaxation, and a touch of laziness, but sometimes productive days just hit the spot!

Here’s to a great week! Gobble gobble.

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