A Week In Meals

I’ve been making quite a bit of French toast lately because it’s easy, fairly healthy, and delicious. The pumpkin adds a fun twist and makes the egg wash thicker. It’s also one of those dishes that is nice in the summer, but so warming and filling in the colder months.


Baked oatmeal is another terrific colder month breakfast. Simply make in advance, or if you have extra time in the morning wait it out, reheat and enjoy. This is stocked with oats, pumpkin, raisins, walnuts, and dates and mashed banana for sweetness. Surprise, surprise, I topped mine with a spoonful of peanut butter.


I had been bragging last week how good I was getting at flipping eggs over easy and proved myself wrong this week. Not only did I break a yolk after cracking the egg in the pan, but it kept flipping them on top of each other. No matter the appearance, they were still delicious paired with a side of toast and fresh fruit.


I took my usual pancake recipe and filled them with chunks of strawberries. It was an excellent idea in theory, but not quite executed to perfection. I should have chopped up the strawberries into smaller pieces so that the cakes weren’t so heavy. Once again, I had a flipping fail for one of my pancakes, but it still turned out yummy.


This oatmeal made me very excited. I brought my usual milk to a boil, threw in the oats, a heavy-handed dash of cinnamon, and some mashed banana. I twirled in some dark chocolate peanut butter and when it was all finished, folded in handfuls of pomegranate seeds in the bowl. It was so good! Pomegranate seeds are my new obsession because they contain such a burst of flavor and crunch into something so tiny. The chocolate, fruit combination is a must!


In need of something quick, I toasted up two Van’s whole wheat waffles, topped them with peanut butter, jelly, and toasted coconut and served them with a heaping bowl of fruit.


More eggs over easy with toast came in Sunday and the presentation looks a touch more appetizing. I found this whole wheat cinnamon raisin loaf at Wegmans, and though the pieces are small, they are delicious!


A good salad never fails to be a satisfying lunch, especially if you stack it with all sorts of healthy, crunchy, yummy goodness. I served this with a piece of toast and a cup of plain Greek yogurt with spoonfuls of pomegranate seeds.


More salad, this time served with a bowl of leftover macaroni and cheese and half of a leftover sausage. Quick and delicious.


For this lunch, I’m fairly certain I had something more than just a cup of yogurt and veggie sticks, but I can’t remember for the life of me what it was. I think it was a day I had been on the run and needed to eat small meals in shifts.


Leftover pizza is all anyone needs to make their day a little brighter. I chopped up some more veggie sticks and had a great lunch.


After a tough workout on Friday, I hopped over to Whole Foods to pick up a few necessary items-hello, bananas- and decided to treat myself to a bite at their hot bar. I went with a ton of veggies compiled into a salad, a spoonful of chicken stew, and a scoop of Mac and cheese. All so good!


Another day, another hot bar, this time at Wegmans. There were so many choices and it was crowded, but I got a delightful variety. I chose some chicken curry, a chickpea dish, a scoop of rice, and a bunch of veggies. I was disappointed that they had run out of naan by the time I got there, but I still left feeling full and satisfied.


My first dinner of the week included whole wheat penne pasta with an Italian sausage and some grilled zucchini and peppers.


I visited my friend Katie on Tuesday and she served up a chicken stir fry with veggies and rice in a tasty sesame ginger sauce.


My mom and I had a mid-week girl’s night out and shared a huge Greek salad and a roasted red pepper pizza.


I made myself another chicken stir fry with tons of veggies and a side of homemade baked sweet potato fries. I once again sliced into the same cut on the same thumb, but it wasn’t too deep. I guess I need to pay more attention!


After my big lunch from Whole Foods, I wasn’t too hungry at dinner, so I went with a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch and a toasted pumpkin English muffin with a tablespoon of peanut butter. Not too shabby, but awful picture in the dark.


Here’s another stir fry, this time with steak marinated in barbecue sauce, a variety of parsnips, red pepper, carrots, and zucchini over a bed of brown rice.


After came this delectable bowl of cookies n cream ice cream with an incredible hot fudge melted on top. It was cold out, but never too cold for ice cream!


The family came over Sunday afternoon for an Italian style dinner. We had cheesy chicken Parmesan, whole wheat rotini, meatballs, cauliflower, and broccoli. An excellent end to the week!


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