Happy Birthday Sister!

Today is a special post that was inspired by the fact that it is my sister’s birthday. I was also motivated to write this in such a way because in a few months, she is going to marry her fiancé Nick and I am the Maid of Honor (like you haven’t heard). At the reception, I will be giving a speech and for some reason, she thinks that a line of people will have to read and edit it before I say it because she thinks it will be inappropriate.

I am here now to prove, on her 28th birthday, that I can be funny and sweet, nostalgic and inspired, and I will make her cry so hard that no other speech made by mankind will ever make an impact as close to the one I will. I’m going to leave that whole damn house in tears.


Here’s my evidence.

Dear Sister,

It is your 28th birthday and telling you that Halloween is the perfect day of birth for you because you are a witch is still funny.

Sometimes we dress as devils.
Sometimes we dress as devils.

You have reached the point in your life where your age is closer to 30 than 20 and I can say this safely because I am only nearing 25, which is a perfect mid-point. However, if prompted, I suspect that you wouldn’t really be upset about this. I believe you might say that your life is in the exact right place where you would want it to be, getting ready to marry the love of your life and on the path to pursuing your true professional passion. It will never not be funny that you want to be a librarian, even though I have nothing but respect for librarians and for you. But yes, you are a big nerd.

Note the glasses. Okay I have glasses too.
Note the glasses. Okay I have glasses too.

Congratulations, you have survived 28 years so far and 25 of them have been with me as your sister. We are very lucky to have each other and Jimmy, our brother, who is pretty cool too. We are lucky because not everyone can say that they mark their siblings as their closest friends.


While I wear a tiara, you wear a half-hearted bun on top of your head (because you’re a librarian- you get that, right?).

Aw, it's kind of cute.
Aw, it’s kind of cute.

I am obsessed with all things popular culture and you prefer Shakespeare, though we both have a healthy appreciation for the other side. My personality explodes onto people and you are more reserved. For me, it is difficult to jump higher than a foot and you leap like a gentle feline. The stage door is almost a religious experience for me, while you stand on the side waving your first and glaring. My head is huge, but both of our hair is thin and we will forever be giving Jimmy, with his full head of hair, the side-eye because sometimes life isn’t fair.

IMG_0650We both love Disney and musicals and will sing very loudly, almost harmonizing, as we drive home from seeing the Backstreet Boys even after all this time. Talents for reading and writing sear through our blood, as well as being prone to having a sweet tooth.

This was taken at the Backstreet Boys concert this summer.
This was taken at the Backstreet Boys concert this summer.

We’ve seen the best and the worst of each other and we are still talking at the end of it. I will be very proud to be walking down the aisle at your wedding as your Maid of Honor and as much as I might joke, I take this role very seriously. I am proud in general to know you and be inspired by you. I would not be who I am without you as my older sister and I hope you understand that. Don’t throw up from all of this mushiness, that’s my role remember?

photo 8

For these 28 years (I was always watching for those three years I wasn’t born, waiting to make my entrance), I have learned a lot about sisters and I would like to share through these pictures I found.

photo 7

Sisters will hold you up when you can’t hold yourself.

photo 13

Even when you are crying and afraid or just being a pain in the ass.


Sisters dress a lot alike when they are younger.

photo 1

And they also like to dress up.

photoSometimes (always) even as princesses.

photo 2

Sisters enjoy tea.

photo 6Or other fancy beverages.


Sisters live in tents pretending their pajamas are gowns.


And wear the classiest tiaras they ever could make.

photo 10

Sisters are thoughtful, bright, and strong.

photo 12

They support each other when they do something smart.


And feel old when it happens to their little brother.


Sisters laugh so hard they get stuck in the sand.

photo 11

And that doesn’t change as they grow older.


Sisters pose for the selfie before it was the selfie.


Then they do the actual selfie.


Sisters will always hold your hand.

photo 9

And one thing I know for certain: they are very good at walking down the aisle in support of the other.

photo 4

Let this be proof that I can use my power with words for good.

Happy birthday!



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