Working Out Can Be Fun To Do

This week, I jazzed up my workout routine a bit, had it all written out and organized, then left it at home to go to the gym. Oops! No fear! For that day, I could remember a lot of what I had planned to do, but I am also an excellent improvisor and played around with different moves. Let me tell you, my abs were both thankful and angry that this happened because they are still sore two days later!

Abs are my focus on the coming month. I have upped my plank game, doing some form of a plank every day, from the straight up forearm for a minute and a half, to a circuit of planks for smaller amounts of time, to plank jacks which are actually kind of fun- they’re jumping jacks in a plank position.

From where we last left off, last Thursday, I did a medicine ball/ball strength workout before hopping into the pool for a swim. Instead of focusing on the amount of laps, I’ve been swimming based on time to help me grow back my stamina after taking a bit of a lap break from the summer. Friday, I got in a kick-ass kettle bell workout and one of my fellow gym-goers asked me if I took a kettle bell class because she was so impressed with my moves. It’s all online waiting for you people! And it’s fun to compile your own workout and find out what you can do.

Saturday, I started my day with a wonderful Yoga practice I created on my own. I’m sure it wasn’t as mindful or zen as one might find at a Yoga class, but it worked for me! I was apparently very tense and it helped me to stretch before my nice long run later that afternoon. You know, the one where I almost had a heart attack from all of the freakish, realistic Halloween decorations.

Knowing that I had quite a lot to do on Sunday, I got up early and headed in for my workout. I did a dumbbell/body strength combination circuit where I did one move with dumbbells, one move without, and continued that pattern for about fifteen moves, then did it three more times. I was nice and sweaty after and topped it all off with a painful, but awesome treadmill sprint cardio session.

On Monday, when I left my new workout page at home, I did more work with the ball/medicine balls and focused on a lot of whole body strength moves before doing a grueling ab routine that was kind of fun. After, I hopped in the pool to get in some laps. I followed that up on Tuesday with another Yoga/Run session. I was at the track for a three-mile run and as I was finishing up, I sprinted the rest of the way and felt like I was flying. I’m not sure I’ve ever run that fast in my life.

This brings us to Wednesday, today- kind of because it’s late- when I did another awesome kettle bell workout. Kettle bells are so good because they include strength and cardio so it’s a two-for-one. I started my workout with a few barbell moves and by the end of my time, I was tired but feeling great. Later in the afternoon, I went on a fun seven mile walk with my friend Molly. The rain kept threatening, but it held off until we were both home!

Now go ahead and get moving!

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