Stir Frying It Up

Even though the week passed quickly, it feels as though it’s been a long time since the last Meals on Monday.

I started my week off with these beautiful pancakes and a big bowl of fruit. There’s nothing better than a warm and toasty breakfast with these mornings, especially inside, being so cold!


Oatmeal is another favorite I can’t get enough of. Sometimes people think it’s boring and bland, but it’s so versatile, healthy, and quick! My fancy bowl is a far cry from the slop they offered on mornings in my college cafeteria, that otherwise was rather excellent.


Eggs, toast, and fruit is another simple, delectable combination I can’t get enough of. It’s always filling and satisfying for fuel and enjoyment.


French toast is another favorite. To make my egg mixture, I tossed in some almond milk, an egg, an egg white, pumpkin, and pumpkin pie spice. I soaked my bread of choice while the pan heated up and grilled it to perfection. I’m not into maple syrup as much and I know the sugary substance and lack of protein would leave me hungry sooner, so of course I turned to my reliable peanut butter. To me, that’s about 5000 times better than syrup anyways, though everyone has their preference!


I was a bit overly enthusiastic that my mom was home to cook me poached eggs over toast that I ate it all and remembered to take a picture only when the plate was licked clean by my dog. Picture perfectly soft eggs oozing buttery yolk onto crispy, buttered toast. Don’t forget the fruit on the side- never touching the egg!

Saturday got an early start with some maid of honor duties, so I topped a piece of fresh baked pumpkin bread with a smear of peanut butter, jelly, and a side of fruit. Trader Joes, you did good with this mix!


Sunday morning started in the same way, though the difference was I had time to grill the bread. Since a larger lunch was in my future, I didn’t want a big meal or to feel overly full, but it was a nice and energized start to my day.


Lunch always comes after my workout, so when I get home, I have to try and pace myself while making dishes because I am ravenous. This dish included left over kale ravioli, peppers, spinach, chickpeas, and chicken sausage. It was well worth the wait!


Leftovers are always great when you want lunch to come together quickly. This was leftover salmon, a spoonful of rice, mushrooms, peppers, and kale with a crab Rangoon and piece of toast to boost my intake of grains (because I really need it…)


After chopping up this beautiful salad and tossing it altogether, I had planned on having a yogurt for some added protein, but I was chilly and a toasty English muffin with peanut butter called to me instead. Well worth it!


The next day, I did go for the salad and yogurt combination that really can do no wrong, especially with some cinnamon pecans on top. I followed up the meal with a bowl of popcorn from the Skinny Pop brand that is addicting, but good for you!


During lunch on Friday, I was out shopping with my mom. We snacked on some pre-packed pistachios, raisins, and an amazing cup of ice cream from Richardson’s. It left me feeling a little tired to begin my workout, but I paced myself and adjusted quickly. Before going to the gym, I did have a piece of peanut butter toast to up the protein and my energy level.


After a day of wedding dress shopping on Saturday, we stopped at Not Your Average Joes. The bread ended up being the best part, though the tomato basil soup was tasty. I suppose it’s difficult to impress me with salads these days since I am an expert.


We all went out for lunch with my grandma on Sunday. I ordered the stuffed shrimp and teriyaki steak tip combination with a side salad and a side of amazing butternut squash. The steak was a bit delayed coming out, so I only have half of the meal to show you.


Dinners for the week started with a piece of teriyaki glazed salmon, wild brown rice, asparagus, peppers, and mushrooms, and a crab Rangoon.


I made a wonderful steak quesadilla stuffed with meat and cheese and put my vegetables on the side. As long as you eat those veggies, it doesn’t matter in what form you consume them. I didn’t want my beautiful quesadilla weighted down by all those hefty veggies.


This meal looks humongous thanks to the amount of veggies involved, though there is no shortage of pasta. I chopped up chicken and veggies for a stir fry with whole wheat bow tie pasta and a Thai peanut sauce. It was so good!


Chicken cacciatore is a bit of a new dish in our repertoire, but it’s quickly becoming a favorite. This was enjoyed over whole wheat penne and a side of spinach before heading out to kickball.


A lot of Italian and pasta towards the end of the week, but I won’t complain because my mom’s chicken Parmesan rivals that of any restaurant. The salad was the only vegetable, but there are no complaints.


On Saturday night, I went out for dinner with a group of friends I haven’t seen in awhile. We started out with the best rolls I have ever had. It was like a combination of muffin and biscuit and they were so good, we all had two. My meal was this short rib that was falling off the bone over cheesy polenta and stewed vegetables. I’ve been more into beef lately, which is surprising because I never usually was. This was so good!


To end my week of meals, I heated up some leftover whole wheat bow tie pasta with cheese, honey barbecue chicken, and stir fried vegetables.


Once again, I cannot complain about meals. How did you enjoy your food this week?

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