Why Is Everyone Sick?

I was in a great workout groove this week until a cold hit me full force. It’s more of a cold-allergy concoction that basically leaves your hand attached to the tissue box and your face swirled in snot. Not a pretty image, I know. On Monday, I woke up feeling a bit off and runny, but I thought it was mostly allergies and that I would be fine in a couple of minutes. I made it through my strength workout and was fine in the pool swimming, but within an hour of getting home, I was in full-out cold mode.

In order to heal, I took the day off from the gym yesterday because it was rainy, cold, and in no way was I up to running. I didn’t feel one ounce of guilt. Today, I was feeling a lot better, but I wasn’t up to my usual standards, so instead of a full workout, I went for a long walk then did some body strength and Yoga moves. I’m still trying to figure out when to go to the gym if I’m feeling sick and when to stay home. There’s the obvious, can’t move or get out of bed, but then there’s the constantly needing to blow my nose. I guess it’s about listening to yourself and knowing your limits.

Last week, my first workout was a heavy strength training day followed by a short two-mile run. I’m trying to increase my speed and my distance, so some days I run a faster minute-mile for a short amount of time and another day I’ll run a bit slower, but a longer route. On days I do HIIT, I incorporate running sprints as well and I can tell it’s already helping my endurance.

Thursday was my scheduled off-day, but Nouha came over to do a quick online Yoga class that was a bit of a bust. It wasn’t challenging or relaxing, but we at least spent the time laughing. That night, I had my kickball game, and though it wasn’t exactly a difficult workout, it was time I spent up and moving and expending energy instead of lounging on the couch.

I was mad at myself on Friday because I wanted to swim, but I realized when I was almost at the gym I had forgotten my swim gear. Swimming is not exactly an exercise that you can improvise, but I wasn’t willing to turn back so I had to make due. I ended up having a great workout that started with the cable weights, took me to the kettlebells, then to some body strength moves, and finally finished up with some HIIT, the bike and treadmill. I performed six moves per equipment in circuits and left feeling like a sweaty, but strong mess.

This weekend was hot hot HOT and I was complaining because I wanted the Fall weather. Even though it’s raining, I love being able to drink tea and curl up on the couch with a book. On Saturday, I waited for the sun to lighten up a bit before going out for a long run. My legs were still hurting from the day before- a good burn- and the first mile was crap. At that point where I was about to give up and walk, I told myself to get to the next tree and all of a sudden, I was fine. It’s funny how that happens sometimes. Since I started when it was still hot, I was out in a tank top, but it was freezing by the time I got home and my thought is that I may have come down with my cold from then. Though to be fair, everyone seems to be sick.

On Sunday, I got myself up nice and early in order to get my gym time in since I knew the day would be busy otherwise and I didn’t want it looming over my head. Thankfully, I wasn’t feeling too tired or mopey in the morning and I was able to get myself up. With the dumbbells, I performed nine moves at three sets of fifteen using lower weights. I’m trying to mix up how many reps and sets I do. These moves were effective. I did a quick round of leg work before hopping on the elliptical for a few minutes.

Before starting off the week, I had planned what I felt was the perfect exercise plan. Obviously, it got messed up by my illness and good intentions don’t get you where you want to be. I’m feeling a lot better now and looking forward to getting back into my groove tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Why Is Everyone Sick?

  1. Nice work sticking to your plan, even if it was different than you anticipated! Having a certain amount of flexibility is incredibly important to living a full out, healthy lifestyle – thanks for being a great source of inspiration!

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! It’s nice because I know that even if I take a day off, I’ll be ready to go the next day. Making exercise a habit is so important. I was reading through your blog and you have some great content so far!

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