Insert Funny Title About Food Here

Baked pumpkin oatmeal was a great way to start off the week. This included pumpkin purée, maple peanut butter, pecans, banana, and blueberries and it was excellent even after a night in the fridge. Oatmeal is a quick, healthy, easy meal in any of its varieties, particularly if you make it a night in advanced. Whether you prefer cold with over-night or hot with baked, it takes just a few minutes of prep and then it’s ready to go when you need it in the morning.


My peanut butter pancakes were on the menu the next day, enjoyed as they usually are with peanut butter, jelly, shredded coconut, and an assortment of fresh fruit. I can’t ever get sick of these!


Another one of my favorites is poached eggs over toast. I tried putting jelly on one of the slices of toast because I’ve heard the sweetness pairs well with the saltiness of the yolk. Not bad, but this dish is just as good in its classic form. I also had some fruit, but I don’t like my fruit stewing in egg.


Some more oatmeal, this time the stove top variety with some peanut butter, jelly, banana, strawberries, and blueberries. Toasted shredded coconut on top completed this deliciousness.


This next breakfast was a bit of a fail. One thing I am working on is trying new dishes without a recipe. I had the brilliant idea to make some coconut crusted French toast and all was going well until the coconut burned in the pan without fully cooking the bread. It was good, especially dolled up with the usual concoction of peanut butter and jelly, but indefinitely has room for improvement. Experimenting in the kitchen is what makes cooking fun! My friend Andrea suggested next time I try baking it in the oven.


As you can see, it’s not very pretty.


Now it’s very pretty.

This is actually a different pancake recipe I tried to devise. I just threw together some Greek yogurt, whole wheat flour, oats, and an egg and topped nitwits peanut butter and jelly. Predictable, I know. They were excellent though a bit more indulgent than my other protein pancakes, particularly because I went with coconut yogurt.


Breakfast on Sunday came much earlier than usual these days because I knew I had a busy day ahead and limited time to fit in my workout. I had a quick, light, and healthy peanut butter on toast and fruit meal to fuel heat ended up being a pretty good workout, despite still being a bit sore from my previous two workouts.


My first lunch was enjoyed at a Barnes and Noble cafe as I was waiting for a meeting. While browsing, I was appalled at the calories of some of the dishes, including the veggie quiche that I had been eyeing and ended up being over 600 calories for not a lot of food. Instead, I opted for the more friendly egg, cheese, and spinach on non English muffin for 300 calories along with my brought from home veggie sticks. To be honest, I can make it far better.


I jazzed up some pasta leftovers by tossing it with peppers, broccoli, asparagus, cheese, and black beans. All very good!


A salad and yogurt was on the lunch menu the next day. I was so excited to find pumpkin chobani at Target and couldn’t wait to try it when I got home. I included a half of a whole wheat pita to go with my salad.


Nouha came over to try an online Yoga class that had good intentions, but was not what we expected. I suppose it was a good stretch, but I’m glad that it was my rest day from the gym. After, I made stir fries using chicken, zucchini, peppers, carrots, and mushrooms on top of quinoa and mixed with a Thai peanut sauce I found at Target. It was very good! For dessert, Nouha brought some frozen yogurt that made everything a little sweeter.


After a long workout that kicked my butt and has still left me sore, I was craving carbs. I threw together some more pasta and black beans, a couple of meatballs, cheese, and an assortment of vegetables. This left me so nice and full, I wasn’t hungry for dinner until way later in the night.


To start off the weekend, my cousin Michael, my grandma, and I had a wonderful lunch out together at Bertuccis. Along with the best company and conversation, I enjoyed some Bertuccis rolls (the best kind), salad, and the pasta abruzzi in which I had some of the pasta and all of the peppers and sausage. I forwent most of the carbs in the meal because I couldn’t resist having two rolls! Pick and choose!


My final lunch of the week was actually brunch out with my friends Lauren and Andrea. There was a bit of a wait to be seated so we sipped on mimosas and snacked on some homemade biscuits. For my meal, I went with eggs over easy, I had two yolks and most of the egg whites, but did not need the third yolk they offered. The eggs were so fluffy and buttery, I need to improve my egg technique. I loved the sour dough toast and slice of watermelon that came with it. Finally, I chose French fries over home fries and shared the huge plate with my friends and we didn’t come close to finishing them. All very good!


Dinners this week included quite a bit of pasta, including this first dish. This is a chicken cacciatore that was served with whole wheat fussili, peppers, and asparagus. I couldn’t resist also having a side of toast, though this is something I am trying to cut out!


Teriyaki chicken with spinach, a huge baked potato blanketed in a bit of butter and cheese, and the most delicious roasted squash dish ever was another dinner this past week. Seriously,the squash (and everything else), was so good!


More pasta this week, this time whole wheat spaghetti with meatballs, peppers, mushrooms, and kale along with a salad I didn’t snap a picture of. I had to demolish this fairly quickly because my kickball game was on the earlier side and I wasn’t hungry until it was close to kick-off.


I have been on the lookout for an easy, healthy curry recipe I could make myself and though I’m still searching, I found a substitute at Target that worked nicely. This is a Taste of India brand that was easy to put together, just toss in the paste (no artificial ingredients or preservatives, just a brief list of spices and things I’ve heard of!), water, and chicken and veggies of choice and heat on the stove top. It was spicy and delicious and reminded me a lot of the Indian food I’ve eaten at restaurants. I was quite pleased and enjoyed it over coconut basmati rice also found at Target- I’m loving their brands!


After a long run, I threw together a quick salad with leftover teriyaki chicken and a pumpkin spice English muffin with a couple of teaspoons of peanut butter. Simple, quick, and filling, perfect for after a workout!


My final meal of the week was enjoyed with some family at my aunt and uncle’s house. After snacking on a few appetizers, though I tried to keep it light, we ordered in some Mexican. I went with steak tacos, but put aside the tortillas in exchange for some of the chips. I also only had a couple of bites of the rice, but I ate all the beans because they were so good and fluffy. To get more of a veggie fix, I cut up some pepper and carrots when I got home to try and end the week on a healthy note!


Though I seem to be starting the week off with a bit of a cold and it’s still warm outside, I’m feeling good and excited that it will soon chill off so I can wear layers and boots again!

Eat any good meals this week you want to share?

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