Spooky Adventures

Adrenaline pumping, heart thumping, screams emitting from your throat without you being able to control it, there’s something about feeling, watching, and experiencing the danger without physically participating in it.

Scary movies, right? They sound all fun and amazing when you’re watching them.Then you try to go to bed that night and end up sleeping on your parents’ bedroom floor like you did when you were five and thought there was a monster in the closet.

The Conjuring was terrifying, ok. And for the record, it took an ounce of stupendous bravery to be able to get myself out of the protective cocoon of my bed and run in there.

My college roommate, Stephanie and I have an affinity for ghost stories. The first Paranormal Activity remains my favorite of the bunch because it was new and refreshing to that genre. I am not fond of gruesome slasher flicks or anything that spews blood, guts, and other yucky things. Ghosts are in some ways more terrifying, while I just find those other varieties to be disgusting and unnecessary. The point of a thriller is the anticipation, not the violence.

Over the years, Stephanie and I have consumed many paranormal films, the good, the bad, and the very ugly. Some of them have little thrills, but the best ones get you screaming- the end of Paranormal Activity 4!! We also enjoy going on walking ghost tours of cities to learn more about the history, see a different side of things, and be scared, hopefully, witless for a bit.

We’ve been to Salem every October for at least the past four years because Halloween is fun and exciting and there’s nothing quite like Salem during this time. The ghost tours are always fun because the tour guides and other people get really into the mood, especially with the history of Salem.

So far, we did the Boston Ghosts and Gravestones last night, which was a fun part-trolley, part-walking tour around some Boston cemeteries. Fun fact: did you know the Common is one of the largest unmarked burial grounds in the United States? Ack! We’ve done Salem tours a few times. Last year, we drove to Providence and did a fun walking tour there. The best of the best was the one we did in London, which was centered around Jack the Ripper. That one didn’t have much to do with ghosts, but it was downright spooky. Another time, we went on a tour in Dublin and one of our other friends was pretty sure she saw a ghost. I won’t name her in case it makes her feel uncomfortable.

Going on these tours, I’m not sure what I expect or how I feel about the whole thing, other than that it is fun, exciting, and intriguing. It can be silly at times, especially when you are wide awake later that night with the covers pulled over your head and refusing to get up even though you have to pee, or when you scream at anything that jumps out at you, i.e. your cat.

It’s all speculative, unless someone sees something, and then you’re kind of jealous that you didn’t experience it, but also relieved because then you’d be afraid to be haunted the rest of your life.

I mean, I could handle a ghost of Casper’s caliber, but don’t for a second think I have the stamina or the courage to deal with anything that is nasty. My sassiness can only get me so far.

Since Fall has begun and Halloween season is upon us (the grocery and convenience stores started marketing for this two months ago), indulge yourself beyond just chocolate and sugar (though tis the season!), and throw on a scary movie, go on a tour, read a book, or not, but never feel bad about sleeping with the lights on.

Happy Fall!

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