Derek Jeter, I Don’t Hate You

I am a Red Sox fan to my core and you will never hear me speak otherwise. However, today my friend Katie posted the new Gatorade Commercial featuring Derek Jeter walking to Yankee Stadium, greeting fans and enjoying views of the city. I will not lie, it teared me up.

Many Red Sox fans will tell you that they hate the Yankees, unconditionally, as strong as their love for their beloved Sox, but they respect at least one person on that team, Derek Jeter.

You have to admire someone, especially an athlete in this era who plays the game in a classy way. In sports, I have noticed there are too many egos, all looking to go to the highest bidder in ludicrous amounts, and too many situations of these men believing they are above moral standards and can get away with anything- though that is a different, more serious conversation.

I’ll say it, sports stars, singers, actors, and entertainers do not deserve to make more money than others. They are no more heroes than firefighters, policemen, doctors, teachers, etc. They don’t get to act the way that they do with no repercussions, except for the fact that we continually allow them to get away with these antics.

This is not true of every sports star, but lately, there has been a trend of negative situations popping up all across the medium. We have social media to thank for that.

There is one sports star in particular who I think understands that what he is doing is playing a game, a sport that he respects and works hard for, is a leader and a team player. Derek Jeter is for the Yankees as much as the Yankees are Derek Jeter.

When you watch the game, no matter your allegiance, you have to respect a player who respects himself and the people who pay to watch him. You have to look back on that career and acknowledge those accomplishments and you have to be a little sad that the game just got that much less classier with his retirement.

No, I’m not overly sad that the Yankees might not make the playoffs, especially because my Red Sox are nowhere close, but it would have been quite a story if Jeter could carry his team one last time.

Captain, my captain. Nice work, with all due respect.

A Red Sox fan

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