Princess Problems

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I might be a bit of a Dr. Doolittle. We have two family pets, a cat, Bandit, and a dog, Mac. We have had Bandit a good deal longer before getting Mac, which I’ve read is the key to creating harmony between them. Though Bandit can’t help himself swatting at Mac in what appears to be a friendly way whenever he walks by and Mac is afraid to pass by a doorway or up the stairs if Bandit is there, they seem to get along very well. Often times we will find them sleeping next to each other on the couch or bed.

Such a situation is evident in my children’s story I had to write for one of my literacy classes, A Tale of Two Species. I’m clever, I know.

To get to my point, the other day Mac and Bandit were both lying on the couch but Bandit wanted to sneak under the covers to get a little warmer. Mac was in the way, so I simply explained to him that he needed to move for a second, which he immediately did, though not without a sigh of annoyance. Then I held up the cover for Bandit, gestured to him that he could climb up and he did. Mac then carefully jumped back up to the opposite side of the couch because I told him to beware the kitty.

This happens all the time.

I’ve chalked it up to my animals just knowing my demands, but today, I had an interaction with a squirrel who I do not own.

As I was driving home from the gym, a squirrel was sitting in the middle of the road, snacking on something. The road is very small so I wasn’t able to drive around him. The squirrel then held up a paw, I swear, as though telling me to wait, which I did because I’m still haunted by the accidental incident a few years ago when a squirrel unexpectantly ran back my way just as I started driving again.

All of this leads me to believe what I think we all know is the inevitable, that I am a princess. When I sing, they come. I think this is all the evidence needed. Still waiting on the prince, however.


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