In Remembrance

I am not a poet and I know that this is late, but I have been trying to think about what to say about this day. I remember I had just started middle school, was starting my first full week, and all I could think about was that we were burying my Nana that day. I cried then because I was scared and sad as so many were. Now able to reflect and understand, I cry because of how truly devastating that day was for this country. I remember too the pride and love that swelled up in this country. Violence and hatred are horrific plagues that do not care for its victims. We do though and we remember the lives lost, the brave heroes who sacrificed everything, and the feeling of strength as we came together to fight against hate.

13 years and the pain is still raw.

Here is a poem I wrote in reflection.

13 years and the memories are still clear.
An attack on this nation filled hearts with fear.
We only grew stronger, together united.
Our reserve never wavered, couldn’t be blighted.
Never forget, we stand as one.

Our heroes, the victims, none of their differences mattered.
The weight of our grief, our hearts were shattered.
They were us and we were them too.
So many lives taken from us too soon.
Never forget, we stand as one.

Yet there is still oppression and hate that runs rampant.
Violence in schools and on the streets, we’re broken into fragments.
We come from different places, thoughts, and ideals.
Have we become so numb to the ways in which hurt feels?
Never forget, we stand as one.

Sometimes our daily routines and lives absorb and blind us.
But let’s try for some appreciation, love, and kindness.
There may always be outside forces that aim to destroy this.
Let’s not allow ignorance and naïveté to run amiss.
Never forget, we stand as one.

To be proud of this nation like we were on that day.
We have to listen to others and hear what they say.
Differences in people have the power to make this world stronger.
Prejudice and inequality will define this country no longer.
Never forget, we stand as one.

On this day we look only to honor the people we lost.
To ponder, reflect, and remember hate’s cost.
Death and destruction cares not for its victims.
But we do, so much, everyday we miss them.
Never forget, we stand as one.

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