Making The Garden Grow

Last year when I tried my hand at gardening, and it worked, no one was more surprised than me. I figured I was lucky. The crops got just enough sun, water, and love as I cooed and sung to it to make it grow.

The main crops we got from the garden last year were cucumbers, tomatoes, and kale. Since we had such success, we decided to add a few more: zucchini, carrots, and lettuce.


With the carrots, we fell into the predicament of not knowing when they might be ready considering that they grow underground. Maybe I picked it too soon or maybe they didn’t grow, or perhaps carrots are just too much for my limited gardening experience. The lettuce came out just fine, but the zucchini exceeded everyone’s expectations.


At first we were happy to get any at all and then we saw how big they came out. I mean, these are huge and we got so many of them. I highly recommend zucchini both in gardening because they flourish, and in eating because they are delicious and so versatile. With the kitchen almost ready, I’ll be sure to develop some new recipes to my repertoire.


The cucumbers too are growing like crazy. Both plants have taken over almost all of the others, except the tomatoes. My theory is that is why my peppers, for the second year in a row, have failed to succeed. There’s still some time left and I see some flowers sprouting, so I’ll keep you updated. I just picked these three cucumbers today, we’ve already picked a bunch already, and there’s even more growing.


Those are not my tomatoes in the background, though we did have some ready. Mine have been small, but delicious. I love the smell of fresh produce anyways, but there’s something about the scent of fresh picked vegetables that bring it to an entire new level. Even the carrots that grew not even an inch smelled so good, to tease me. This is one tomato reddening on its branch.


If you are thinking of starting a garden but feel intimated, let me tell you, if I did it, so can you. Yes, it depends on the space you have, as well as access to water, sun, and time, but with a bit of initial work and some consistency tending to weeding and caring, a garden will grow. Around the neighborhood, we have a lot of animals like rabbits and turkeys running around. I’m sure you remember the time when I had to chase the turkey away with a hockey stick. We invested in a foul smelling, but effective spray to spritz around the perimeter and it has worked so well. It doesn’t have any preservatives or weird crap in it either, so you won’t be ruining your crops.


Next year, I think I am going to expand the garden even further to give all the plants sufficient space and even add some more. I’m hoping to get some fresh fruit in there as well!

When you have access to fruits and vegetables, whether by growing or buying them, it makes it exciting to cook with them. You will be able to check out some yummy salads and other dishes on Meals on Mondays, as well as some exciting updates on the renovated kitchen.




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