Missin’ the Kitchen

I’m doing the best that I can with the limited space that I have. Usually I prefer creating recipes in my own kitchen and leaving going out to eat for special occasions, but with the construction we have had to go out more often. Nonetheless, I have been trying to remain as healthy as possible and making good choices. The best way to do that is to stay away from words such as “fried” and look for lots and lots of fresh veggies or fruit. Salads do not always have to be chosen exclusively, but I do actually enjoy them for some part of my meal.

Here’s my week (with some pictures forgotten, sorry!)


My beloved oatmeal made on an actual stovetop! Glorious dark chocolate peanut butter, jelly, blueberries, banana, and strawberries thrown in alongside some shredded coconut. It was so hot, I sweat while eating, but it was worth it!

photo 1

Two Van’s whole wheat waffles covered in Teddie’s crunch peanut butter, berry preserves, and a fruit salad composed of pineapple, raspberries, melon, and blueberries.

photo 2

Toast and peanut butter and jelly. Surprise, surprise!

photo 4

My beloved pancakes made on an electric griddle. In my excitement, I forgot to add mashed banana in the batter, but it still tasted amazing.

photo 3

On Friday my mom and I went out to breakfast with our neighbors while visiting at the beach. We stopped into a little diner connected to the kind of general store only found in a small New England town. I enjoyed my two eggs over easy with a side of whole wheat toast and bacon, but I was a little envious of my mom who enjoyed two poached eggs over spinach and an English muffin covered in Hollandaise sauce. We will be creating that in our own kitchen.

Ugh, I forgot how much I love poached eggs.

When I woke up Saturday I felt like a lazy man’s breakfast, so I had a bowl of Raisin Bran and then a bowl of Puffins with some chopped strawberries, both swirling in almond milk. I think we can all agree that cereal is best with fruit, especially BANANA, but we were out of it by the weekend.

photo 1

After a 2000’s party on Saturday night, Sunday I came home after having a piece of leftover pizza and another bowl of cereal.

photo 5


Leftover chicken parm and whole wheat shells with some spinach and chopped peppers.

photo 2

On Tuesday I enjoyed lunch with my aunt. I had a delightful panini made up of blackened chicken, pepperjack cheese, spinach, and tomato on whole wheat bread and a bag of Cape Cod chips. Forgot to snap a picture in all of my excitement.

Having to move fast on Wednesday to make a decent lunch, I chopped up a bunch of veggies and threw them on top of a whole wheat tortilla with feta, steak tips, and greek dressing. It turned out to be too much stuffing, so I enjoyed the rest of it as a salad.

photo 5

I was very impressed with myself on Thursday because I created a delicious English muffin pizza with some veggie sticks and vegetable dip on the side.


Since we were at the beach on Friday, I had a quick late lunch of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Saturday was a great sandwich I made with a piece of a fresh French baguette, deli roasted chicken, American cheese, spinach, and tomato.

photo 1

We had a nice big family lunch on Sunday. I had lobster pie, teriyaki steak tips, and a baked potato after a side salad to start. Didn’t get a picture, but it was excellent.


A big Greek salad with steak tips and a piece of sour dough with butter.

photo 3

Quiche that we had made and frozen for times we would need reinforcement dinner. Lots of red pepper and zucchini with a side salad.

photo 4

After the gym, I had a hankering for some Panera so I enjoyed my usual You Pick Two choice of broccoli cheddar soup, Thai chicken salad, and a whole wheat baguette.

Though I felt very clever creating my English muffin pizza, that same night my mom came home with take-out pizza. Now listen, I can never have enough pizza so I was fine. Just in case you were concerned.

Friday night, my friend Stephanie came to visit so we headed to the Chateau. We both had side salads then split two apps, fried ravioli and buffalo bites. I realize that I said to avoid fried foods, but in some cases, they are just necessary.

Before the party on Saturday, my friend Katie and I split a pizza (I told you, never enough) and a caesar salad.

photo 2

Going out to eat this much doesn’t make me feel my healthiest. I am very much looking forward to having this kitchen back to full functioning so I can experiment and create some healthy meals my own way- the best way!

When restaurants are the only choice, I suggest trying to make healthy choices most of the time and then eating well the rest of the day. This means avoiding too many snacks and whatnot.


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