Sometimes It’s Easy, Sometimes It’s Not

Sometimes I wake up pumped to work out, get it in right away, and feel energized, refreshed, and carefree as I joyfully breeze through my day without having to exercise lingering in my mind. Other times I lounge away all day, reading, working, and the likes and feel that ebb poking me at the back of my essence.

That happened to me yesterday. I spent the day making excuses, which to be fair were actually viable, and despite my body and mind together warring against my decision to go, I went and I conquered. This won’t always be the case. Sometimes you’ll drag yourself there and hate every second of it. I’ve been fortunate enough, I find, that even if I go kicking and screaming, when I get into my zone, I can’t be stopped. I just feel better, mind, body, and soul.

Although, it’s always important to listen to your body because sometimes a rest day is much needed!

This past week for workouts, I did much of the same as I mentioned last week. Mixing up my strength routine workouts, trying different cardio, and generally trying to move more.

Last Thursday, I went on a very good run, doing some Yoga moves to get me energized. The key to running in the summer is going at a time when it’s still light enough for a clumsy person like me not to get demolished, but dark enough so that the sun isn’t burning you up. After my run, I went on a long walk with my friend Molly. I was able to complete ten miles total in combination. I felt good, but my feet did not agree. Apparently, they’re very tender.

On Friday I did a barbell strength workout I had all fleshed out and left at home, so I had to improvise. It ended up being a combination of moves I know very well, but still felt effective. When in doubt, turn to the core moves, such as a shoulder press, bicep curl, bench press, tricep extension, deadlift, etc. I tried to use heavier weights so I kept my reps short at 8 and went through my circuit 4 times.

Speaking of circuits, can we please discuss how teenage boys will sit around at the gym, taking up all the valuable space, talking about how they want to play division one sports, but not actually doing much of anything? I went through all 3 cycles of my circuit last night with these kids in the background lounging around. All I will say is, I am a lot closer to playing hockey for BC then they are.

I only say this because it happens all the time. Maybe it’s just my gym…

Anyways, then I swam laps. Saturday was another run, but this time I extended my time and did some walking as well. It was very humid, so of course I had to treat myself to some ice cream after.

I kept meaning to workout on Sunday, but I wasn’t feeling it and then the gym closed, so I only did a short body strength workout of lunges, squats, and push ups, and accepted leisurely walking and swimming as my main source of exercise. It happens. I’m learning not to feel guilty.

Monday was the day I spent thinking about working out until I finally did and I’m glad for it! I did a kettlebell circuit, plyometrics workout with jumping jacks, box jumps, rope (I don’t know what it’s called), and jump rope before taking it to the treadmill to run sprints. I focused on length rather then speed, so I ran at a medium-fast clip for 25 seconds at a time. After, I found I still had some energy to burn so I tried my hand at speed walking, which is hard because all your body wants to do is give in and run.

For my Tuesday workout, I swam laps at my pool at home in the rain, but no thunder. The water was still warm and I was already, well wet, so I went for it. The rain keeps popping up just as I’m hopping into the pool, but I’ve found that it’s quite cathartic. And this way I don’t have to share a lane with anyone! My sister texted me later on to join her at Yoga, so I got in a quick medicine ball strength workout before meeting her.


When exercising, I try to be consistent in my practice, but add a lot of variations so I don’t get bored, I keep my body guessing, and I learn how to best beat stress.

Find what makes you happy (other then binge-watching shows like Orange is the New Black or marathoning through Harry Potter). And get moving! See, I told you I like variety.

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