Food, Food, Food

Is it just me or has the weekend flown by once again? Another terrific weekend with great weather, nice pool time, POTTERHEAD WEEKEND, and a chance to relax-something I feel hasn’t been available in the past couple of weeks, although for equally great reasons.

I am still trying to work out what I want to post on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays, but I am trying. I have found that since I’ve been posting more, my readership is down, however part of that is because they changed how to add tags.

Alas, here we are again at Meals on Monday. This week, I have been awful at photographing the food I have eaten. Part of the blame can be that my storage levels are low on my phone, allegedly. I have to say though, with all of this free time, I have been able to create some masterpieces. Here’s a rundown.

For breakfast-

Peanut Butter pancakes I showed you last week. Here it is again for greater effect:
photo 1

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal with cherries, mashed banana, and shredded toasted coconut:
photo 3

I don’t have a picture of my scrambled eggs with toast and fruit, but I’m sure we’ve all seen that before….

More peanut butter pancakes….I’m obsessed…

Oatmeal again with peanut butter, jelly, blueberries, mashed banana and strawberries with more coconut.

Poached eggs on toast with fruit…my mom is a poached egg master!

And finally, a different style of oatmeal I concocted. Maple Peanut Butter and Banana with blueberries. Delicious!
photo 5

For this oatmeal, I boiled a mixture of milk and water (because it was grocery day and I was out of my almond milk), added the oats, mashed banana, and a tbsp. of maple syrup after the liquid came to a boil, threw in a tbsp. of peanut butter, then added the blueberries and another tbsp. of peanut butter once it was ready. For regular peanut butter, I use Teddie because the ingredients are super simple and it tastes nice and fresh, not processed and sugary. To each our own.

For lunch-

Leftover Caprese Pasta Salad with some added chickpeas and a side of coconut blended greek yogurt and raspberries. So refreshing after a long swim.
photo 4

A salad with baby kale, mixed veggies, some dried craisins, toasted pecans, and feta with some popcorn. Skinny Pop is the best. My mom and I cry in the grocery store if they are all out. Maybe I shouldn’t even be mentioning it…

Open-faced Tuna Melt made with hummus in place of mayonnaise as I have never liked that stuff. Topped with tomato, baby kale, American cheese, and enjoyed with a side of veggies and almonds.

Leftover tunafish and chickpeas over a salad made with a bunch of veggies, feta, and a side of toast- one of my favorites.

Some tasty steak tips over grilled zucchini, summer squash, and green pepper with kidney beans, feta, and greek dressing.

Finally, a great big salad with kidney beans and pita bread.

Not too shabby, but not many pictures again…


Grilled teriyaki salmon with spinach and a salad.

A new chicken, broccoli, ziti recipe my mom and I found from Cooking Light Magazine with a Caesar salad.

A delicious steak quesadilla with multi-colored bell peppers, cheese, and a side mixed veggies.

Thursday night I went out to dinner to Border Café with my friend Molly and had too many tortilla chips with a blackened salmon salad over spinach.

Friday was another salad out, this time a greek salad with steak tips and pita bread.

Saturday, I didn’t have a traditional dinner because time got away from me, but I had peanut butter toast, ice cream, and a bowl of raisin bran throughout the evening, so I guess that counts for something…

Then finally, I had pasta with marinara sauce, a chicken sausage, and more salad.

This week, I plan on eating well once again. BUT I promise to be better about taking pictures before I dive in!


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