Lopsided Runner

OKAY I’ll admit it. I listen to musicals when I run, and yes I sing along in my head and yes I am always the star. And sometimes, to be really inspired, to go that extra mile at that faster pace, I have to turn it up really loud. This also occurs in the car, so that I cannot hear myself over the music, though I always make that high note. And when I say always we all know I mean hardly ever, ok never.

For instance today, while I was on my way home from class, after a very long day, I stopped at a red light- as one does- and pulled up beside a very large SUV blasting some rap music. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate rap as much as the next person, but I am proud to say that when I rolled down my window and gave a friendly wave, the man turned his music up a little louder. Not to be outdone, I turned my music up all the way and I am proud to say that Princess’ (my car) speakers, Laura Benanti’s voice, and myself won the beats contest. 

This was after I had to make a quick stop to pick up new headphones after an…incident. Yesterday, while I was running outside in that cool June breeze, listening to Norbert Leo Butz sway me with a little number from Big Fish, I heard a pop in my ear, which did not phase me at all made me fall over face first. Turns out, it was not my ear drum, but one of my ear buds that burst, which probably has nothing to do with how loud I listen to music or the fact that I washed them, twice, by accident in the past month. Really, I’m not sure how one ear bud remains functional.

Though I was able to persevere and continue the last mile of my run, I found that with only one ear bud working, my mind focuses very hard on that one place, thus causing me to run lopsided. On my best of days, I find it quite difficult to remain upright and not on my face, so you can imagine how graceful I looked stumbling along the road.

Long story short, don’t wash your headphones. Also, music is happiness.

One thought on “Lopsided Runner

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