Quirky Quips

I’m not exactly sure why I watch Grey’s Anatomy because I don’t like blood and can’t stand seeing fake body fluids being moved around. It’s addicting though.

My cousin Erin doesn’t seem to mind seeing squishy, bloody parts being played with. I suspect she might even like it. Anyways, when I suggested that one day she might have her own autopsy, she said “Well, I’m a spirit, I’ll just float away when I want to.”


In other quotable moments, it appears that using incorrect words in sayings runs in the family. When telling a story, my brother claimed to be a wee little tad. He did try to make up for it by comparing himself to a tadpole and calling older people frogs, but we all know he was pulling at spoons.

Yes, that was a joke.

My appreciation for the day goes to quotable moments and the brains that say them.

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