Things I Come Up With When I Can’t Sleep

I’m trying this new thing that I’m calling “30 Days of Me” where I am aiming to post everyday for the next 30 as a means to make me more consistent and also to try and appreciate at least one thing about myself and my life every day. You might ask why I’m starting on a random Wednesday in the middle of a month and not on the first day of a 30-day month. Some of it wants to be defiance against the norm and make a stance saying that all beginnings do not have to begin on a “calendar” pace but your own. But really it’s just because I was having trouble falling asleep last night and thought of this. I promise that every post will not be long rantings mostly because I’m not certain I have that much to say. 

Let me explain more in case you are more of a visual learner. Though today after my walk with my mom, a run on my own, and basketball with my brother, I felt like this:




When really I should appreciate the fact that I have legs that will carry me through and a mind that perseveres even when I would rather roll down the hill. So I mustered a smile:


I’m not going to put any rules on this for myself because then I’ll just find it stressful. If you want to join, please do! And even if it’s going to rain for the next couple of days, I’m just happy that there’s no more snow on the ground and the sun is shining!

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