Make Em Laugh

One of my greatest joys is making people laugh. Sometimes, this means I have to be shameless. I might fail miserably and just look like a goon or I could garner some sympathy laughs as people look at me with mild-to-no interest wondering why I’m still talking. Then there are the times where I can’t help but laugh along with the person I made laugh because I think I’m particularly funny and I have no poker face. To be fair, laughing is also contagious and something you do when you’re happy- and if making people laugh makes me happy then of course I’ll laugh. Stay with me here.

I’m not opposed to going in for the obvious pun that everyone else is too afraid or classy to say out loud. I’m also not above pulling out all stops and performing physical acts that make me look ridiculous, i.e. when I reenact the scene from Miss Congeniality where she keeps falling. Falling is just funny- unless you’re old then it’s funny AND scary. Just kidding…kinda…

I’ll take it all though because if you know me, and you get me, then odds are you laugh and we both feel better. Life has shown me, no matter how many times I still struggle, that not everyone is going to like, appreciate, or respect you. But the people who do are worth far more to you. 

When I was younger, I was much more shy and was afraid to speak out loud, let alone make myself known to anyone I didn’t know well. In college, I learned that presentations were part of the experience and it’s better to just take a deep breath and do it with confidence than be hesitant and look like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Now that I am (almost) done with graduate school (YES I graduated NO that doesn’t mean I’m done with classes) I’ve learned to ignore all fear of standing in front of people, whether for a presentation or just in life- meeting new people is scary. 

But be brave because you’ll find it’s worth it.

On a related note HOW can I upload my song I wrote for one of my classes that I want to share??

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