Procrastination In Moderation

Procrastination can be a bad, bad thing, especially when all that you’re delaying is bedtime. I know that if I don’t get my eight+ hours of sleep, I’m going to be feeling miserable waking up in the still dark mornings. True, I’ll be miserable regardless of how much sleep I get because waking up to an alarm blaring in your ear is cruel, the blankets are always more soft and warm and comfortable when you know you have to leave them, and sleep is precious.

 I know all of this. I relish sleep and my bed and do not like to leave it for long periods of time. Still, there are too many nights I find myself trolling Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook, watching CNN to see if they finally figured anything out about the plane when we all know they haven’t, or taking another one of those Buzzfeed quizzes because I refuse to admit that I am Marshmallow from Frozen. Who’s Marshmallow, you ask? The gigantic, unkind snowman Elsa creates to kick everyone out of her castle. Yes, I have taken this quiz four times, mixing up answers, and four times I have been classified as this hideous character. No, I am not not offended by this at all…

 When it comes to work, my procrastination leads me to even more Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook and Buzzfeed. To be honest, no one is that interesting or has much to say in the five minutes I’m not on a site, and I know this while I’m still doing it. I make up for it in those random fits of adrenaline where I power through a bunch of stuff and feel accomplished for all of five minutes before I realize I have more to do the next day. I’m procrastinating studying for a huge midterm right now.

 While I value those spare, sweet, free moments when I can just browse the internet and not be expected to do anything else for anyone else, I think I, and I know a lot of other people out there, need to get a grip. I am obsessed with my phone and tweeting and looking at pictures of Chris Evans promoting the new Captain America movie with his new beard (okay this I can’t be blamed for and I won’t stop). If I spent half the time in the evenings writing, playing my keyboard, or reading for fun, I would be so much more accomplished and fulfilled in my life.

 Part of me blames the winter, but we all know that’s a lame excuse.

 So, I ask, why does this keep happening to me? Why am I more likely to search for good looking recipes than actually making them? Why can’t I drop my phone and curl into my bed when I know it’s what I’ve been looking forward to since the moment I rolled out of it? And why can’t they find this plane!?!

I swear I’m not masochistic.

 Maybe, I need to start listening to Buzzfeed. Perhaps it’s time I embrace my status as Marshmallow, or a cheeseburger without the bread aka without the fun, and be more active, healthier, and assertive in my life. Marshmallow’s not just sitting there and letting all those people get up in his business. He’s taking them out and embracing this winter freeze.

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