Children Are Smarter Than You

Last night I went with my sister to see Frozen, because once a Disney princess ALWAYS a Disney princess, and it was adorable. I want my own little snowman named Olaf.

The best part of the entire movie was when the youngest sister, Princess Anna, decides she wants to marry this prince after one day. The part itself plays out ironically, for adults at least, but the little girl sitting next to me, who could not have been older than five or six years old, yells out, “WHAT?! That’s ridiculous!” and kept muttering to herself in disgust.

Lauren and I laughed so hard and this makes me so happy. This just goes to show that you can watch Disney movies as a child, enjoy the heck out of them, and still grow up to have complete realistic views of love and romance.

Or maybe this five year old is just smart beyond her years.


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