Random Blabbling From Downtown Abbey

I went for a run today at Redondo Beach while Brad worked in the building next door. It was so beautiful there. I hadn’t ran for a little over a week at that point so I was aiming for somewhere around two miles, but as I was running I thought why not go for a full five k? And then because I’m OCD and enjoy pushing myself, I went all five miles and then some. Then I took off my shoes and walked along the water and it was just one of those moments that is amazing and inexplicable. Here’s a shot of the backdrop.


Isn’t it stunning? If I lived there I would take advantage and go at some point everyday. I just want to start and end my day at the beach…in California…I have a lot of reflection to do these next few months as I try to figure out what I want to do with my life and where. Only time will tell.

After he got out of work, we went to Santa Monica, the place I want to live when I’m older and hopefully have money, and went straight to the beach. I listened to my mom and put on sun screen, but I might have sweated it off during my run or something happened because I somehow have even more freckles than I had before. And that is a difficult feat. Oh, and I was wearing sunglasses and you can totally tell because I have big ass rims around my eyes. I didn’t notice right away, but a few minutes ago I just walked by a mirror and stopped short because I looked green. And not in the cool, hey I can play Elphaba in Wicked type green, sickly green. Hopefully it will turn into a tan…???


We were in the car a lot today because there was bad traffic, but we just put the music on and rolled down all the windows. It was glorious!!

Here’s a pic of me and Brad seeing the lacking Chernobyl Diaries. A little background information wouldn’t hurt. We saw it at Universal Studios so that was cool, but we should have just seen the new Minerva McGonagall…I mean Maggie Smith film. It has a complicated title/I’m too lazy to look it up right now. We were pretty pissed.


Tomorrow, for my last full day (don’t even get me started how sad I am), we are getting lunch at the Grove, going window shopping and maybe a little real shopping, then going for Sushi, my first time (any healthy suggestions??), and seeing Brad’s friend in Chicago’s opening night. I love musicals and I love the musical Chicago, so I’m stoked! Sometimes I even workout to it. Hey, whatever gets you revved up, right? Then I think after we are going to hang out, eat chocolate, and watch movies. I’m going to be so bummed to leave, but I still have a long, fun day ahead of me tomorrow and it will be epic! Hopefully there will be more celebrity sightings, fingers crossed!

Speaking of Maggie Smith, we have been watching Downton Abbey and are two episodes away from finishing the first season. Not to be confused with what I called Downtown Abbey, which was what I thought it was for way too long. Downton, Downtown aside, and for the record, spellcheck says Downton is incorrect and Downtown is correct so there, the show is awesome and British which is pretty much the same thing. Sorry for the long sentences, wow.

I’ve started planning my summer exercise plan starting when I get back. I want to strength train three days a week; run twice a week, one longer, the other sprints mixed in with jump rope; biking and swimming combo; and I want to start yoga and another exercise class at the y tbd. It’s all about being as active as possible and I’m hoping to play lots of tennis and hiking. My mom and I now have matching visors and rackets, pictures to come! And of course I will take one day off from more intense activities. I just don’t want to be doing the machines all summer because I do them all winter and it’s important to not get bored if I’m going to keep going, and I will!

So while this vacation hasn’t been the best diet wise, I have worked out pretty consistently, including runs and hikes, and I’m ready to kick off the start of the end of my weight loss. Soon I’ll be looking to maintain and that’s exciting. Wish me luck, it’s been quite the journey. It’s worth it though because who else can fight so powerfully for you then you?


That’s kind of a narcissistic end, so… Go Celtics! Beat the Heat!

Oh! Also, please please please check out the website and then the series Interns from the brilliant mind of my friend Brad who has been so generous and amazing for letting me stay with him! He’s my spirit animal and he’s a great director, videographer, and overall artist working hard to bring quality back to Hollywood.


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