I’m Every Woman

So I am in LA and absolutely loving it. California is so beautiful and it gives me the greatest vibes just being here. My friend Brad has been fabulous allowing me to stay with him and taking me around and what not. Thanks Brad!


One thing I wanted to talk about was how easy it has been for me not to give into my crippling shyness. Maybe it’s because I came here on my own and I can’t really afford to be shy and quiet and awkward here or it would ruin my vacation. It has been something I’ve been working on and trying to address before I came here, but I really feel as though coming here has really pushed that transformation forward. It’s such a wonderful feeling to put yourself out there, despite any fears of rejection, judgment, etc., and just be able to be you and not apologize for it.

That being said, I love California and it is now my dream to one day live in Santa Monica. It’s so so beautiful. Obviously I joke about wanting to be famous and whatnot, but honestly what I really want is to make a good amount of money to support myself doing something I love and just be happy. If I happen to be famous and wealthy on top of that, so be it. I mean, who would argue with that?


In other news, Chris Evans and I are soulmates. I know that that has already been pretty much thrown out there, but my friend Christine confirmed this today when she showed me a new magazine article about him. He was talking about his ideal woman and he said one who prefers Boston over LA (being a bi-coastal woman would be ideal for me, holler/hollah), is brunette, likes dogs (Hi Mac!), and flosses (in a random and amazing turn of events, I happened to be flossing when Christine sent this to me). See, soulmates! He just doesn’t know it yet.

More about flossing by the way, I’m newly obsessed. It’s seriously so good for you and I use the little pick things that makes it so easy! I started using it after my (former) roommate, Stephanie, started doing it because she had gingivitis (sp?) and I got scared and followed her lead. It makes my teeth feel so much healthier and it easily fits into a normal routine after you do it on a regular basis after awhile. So floss. And also eat breakfast. Every day. It will change your life. It was seriously one of the biggest things in my weight loss that I did for myself. It helps you take on the day, feel more productive, and have so much energy. Wow, I just went on a little tangent. Sorry about that.


Nothing else new right now except that I thought I saw Robert Pattinson at a sub shop, and I swear it looked exactly like him, but now I’m not so sure because he’s supposed to be at Cannes. Or he was in Cannes. Who knows how long that lasts? So is this Robert? I don’t know. But if so, Rob, I would have mentioned Harry Potter and not Twilight, so you’re welcome.


By the way, the Red Sox seem to get on a roll, reach .500 and then lose again. They can’t get above .500. I mean come on! They had a nice walk-off win tonight though, so I’m thinking this will propel them into a huge turnaround. Now if my beloved Jacoby could come back that would be great, thanks. And I guess I will also mention the big Celtics win tonight. It will be fun watching them squash Lebron and the Heat. No one even likes the Heat.



It has been way too long, but I’ve been busy! I had a final semester in college to finish up, then we had senior week festivities, then I graduated, then I had a party in my honor for graduating, and now I’m in LA visiting my friend Brad! I will try to stop in and post fun pics and tales of the crazy celebrity stalking I do. Just kidding, it’s not stalking if I happen to be standing where they walk by…

Here are some pics from my last few weeks:








Notice the tiara.