I Own Up To My Own Idiocy

This morning, I got on my normal bus and was on my way to my internship. When we reached the first stop, I looked outside and felt intensely disoriented and realized I was going the wrong way. So I got off the bus and started walking back towards the bus station and everything was fine. But then I realized that the bus was going the right way in the first place….I was just sitting on the opposite side of the bus than I normally do, so clearly the scenery was different. I had to pay an extra bus fare and ruined my perfect planning, so I will have to add more onto my card for my last day. WTF??!!

To be honest, it hurts a little to be this awesomely dumb. I blame it on the fact that I was wearing my glasses which made me disoriented and not for any other reason, such as that I am dumb.

Tomorrow is National Caitlin Loves Harry Potter Day for reasons that hurts too much to talk about right now because the rejection of my paper topic is still fresh. Okay, so I just talked about it. I wanted to write a thesis paper psychoanalyzing Harry Potter’s relationship to his mom and tomorrow would be the day I would present it. No big deal and I’m totally over it now because it’s been months, but I think it would still be nice to celebrate the Pot Pot, or so I call him.

So if you see/hear a random girl running around screaming spells or curses depending on who the recipient is, that would be me. You’re welcome. You’ll probably actually see two girls because my roommate, Stephanie, will join me because she always does. Thanks Stephanie, you’re a true friend! I’ll probably talk Crusty (Christine), Katdog, and Erin into it too. If not for me, then for the boy with the scar and glasses, guys. He suffers.

Speaking of Stephanie, we all really want to film our room when we’re asleep because who the hell knows what kinds of scary shit she gets up to that I don’t even notice. I can only imagine how incredible and frightening, and incredibly frightening, it would be. My friend Concetta slept over once, and I actually may have told this story again but it’s worth mentioning, that we were talking to each other in our sleep. Way crazy.

But I don’t think it has anything to do with sleep walking so much as it’s a ghost that possesses her. Though I was bitten by the ghost and am usually the one who suffers through the possession, I do feel bad that it takes over her. Sorry, Stephanie.

Since we don’t have classes tomorrow, I’m inviting my friends over to have an Ouija Board Party and take pictures and maybe film it and I’ll put it on the blog tomorrow.

Let me leave you with a picture of Krusty and Katdog. Roommate-soulmates to me and Stephanie.

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